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    My former Best Friend if we still friends today and i told him that i want to wear diapers. I think he would laugh at me and make fun of me plus am not sure he would keep it to him self.

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    I'm a bit confused. Are you saying that you think it would be a bad idea to tell your former best friend? That is a pretty reasonable. I think very few of us have told our best friends, current or former.

    But your first sentence implied that you did, and that now you're not sure if he'll tell other people. At least I think it did. The grammatical structure was kinda confusing.

    Mildly curious, feel free not to answer, but why would the thought of telling your former best friend enter your mind? Like are you still friends, but you got a better one? Or are you speculating what would have happened had you told him while you were friends? I can't really think of any other scenarios where I would ever consider that.

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    I had best friend 21yrs on 2014 he decided he didn't want to be my friend anymore If we were still friends i wouldn't tell him that i want to wear diapers.

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