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    I just... since I'm so drunk and I'm going to be sick tomorrow, I wanted to know this: What do you do for your hangovers?

    Do you sleep it off?

    Normally, I drink a ton of water and take advil before I sleep, but I don't think it'll work tonight. It 6 hours, I'll need your ideas to save me.

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    Handful, you've done precisely what I used to do, so I hope that it helps out!

    Hey, if all else fails, just look at the hangover as if it's the measurement of an immense accomplishment -- the worse you feel, the more alcohol you rocked!

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    Ugh, it's usually takes me a while to get home from being out drinking somewhere. So by the time I reach my bed, I've sobered up enough to not feel so bad when I wake up.

    Usually though, on the few occasions I've stumbled home blind-drunk, I get myself some food (hey, if I'm going to throw up, might as well have something in my stomach to hurl), drink a quite bit of water and take something for the headache. I really can't sleep when I'm drunk, I tend to feel more dizzy and more sick if I go to bed, so I stay awake and ride it out until I don't have that messy feeling in my head.

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    I just deal with it.
    No tricks. Just wake up feel like crap go to work feeling like crap drink water eat lunch and then it goes away.

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    ya, pretty much just water. It helps if you have water while you're drinking and immediately after.

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    Alcohol follows zero-order kinetics for removal from the system. But I gather that some of my posts are hard to follow, so this will be simpler:
    1. The alcohol that is in your system will work its way out with TIME.
    2. This is a linear process.
    3. The things you can control for will be dehydration and associated headache.

    Meaning that, after the fact, it sounds like you're doing everything you can.

    If you're going to be throwing up when you wake up, then you'll definitely want to ensure you are hydrated.

    Good luck!

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    Drinking a lot of liquid is a good idea. Not more beer though. I've also found that sugar and fats help me get over my hangovers quicker, which is why I can usually be found eating a pizza or something similar and gulping soda on a sunday afternoon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Abby View Post
    Hah. Suckers. I don't get hangovers.
    Same. And I have been PLASTURED(The do not move or you will fall over sitting down drunk.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Valerye View Post
    Same. And I have been PLASTURED(The do not move or you will fall over sitting down drunk.)
    Oh, just you wait. You kids just wait...

    Not much you can do to "cure" a hangover besides give it time and drink not just water, but gatorade or something else to re-hydrate yourself. I find the only food I can really stand to eat at that time is plain pasta.

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