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Thread: Are they laughing at me

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    Default Are they laughing at me

    I took out lots of trash from my room, some bags containing embarrassing things I wrote and I mean embarrassing! I put some in a trash can outside the school I live by and this morning I heard a load of women laughing! A bag ripped so I had to shove it underneath a trash bag in one of the bins.

    What are the chances that anybody seen what was in them? I just rid of my old life that's all, I didn't want it to come back to haunt me!

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    I don't think they were laughing at you. People do not watch others dumping their garbage, even if something fell out of a ripped bag, people just don't care

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    When I was younger, I distrusted laughter.

    If i heard laughter, I assumed it was because they were laughing at me, in my past it had happened.
    Call me paranoid if you must, however time and time again in the past specifically in grade school, it was not paranoia, it was fact.

    I trust laughter more these days. there are lots of reasons people could be laughing at me, but to be honest its far more likely that they are laughing at a joke, or their co-workers, a movie, an animal, a small child...dare i say..a politician?

    the most likely thing that they are laughing at, is just that. the most likely thing.

    is it more likely that one of them happened to see a ripped bag of trash and got the urge to go dumpster diving?


    Is it more likely that people who see each other every day, have things that happen in their lives that are causing them to laugh?

    I would go with the second option. if you are ever worried people are laughing at you, just ask yourself what the most likely thing they are laughing at is, 19 times out of 20 it wont be you.
    as a rule, unless someone knows you personally, they wont find much amusement in a lot of things about your life, even if you were to walk around with shoes 4 sizes too big, they probably wouldent care enough to find it funny.

    I'm talking about adults here, children. well..children laugh..if they did not then somethings off haha.

    I know in the past you have posted threads worried that someone is laughing at you, that is fine. everyone needs reassurance every now and then.
    Every time you need that reassurance i will tell you with a straight face and the occasional smile that they are NOT laughing at you.

    hope that helps


    uhm just tacking this on here. but even if they are laughing at you, its ok to join in on the laughter too. its healthy to laugh at yourself. i have gone back and read some of my writing from when i was younger and it makes me laugh sometimes haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angelic View Post
    Are they laughing at me?
    What are the chances that anybody seen what was in them?
    Hi Angelic,

    Are they laughing at me?

    Probably not. It's normal when you hear a group of people laughing to think that they are laughing at you, as long as you don't feel that way all the time. I get that feeling once-in-a-while.

    It's kind of group psychology... they're inside and you feel like you're on the outside. When this happens, you should just assume it's not about you because it probably isn't.

    So, what are the chances that anybody seen what was in them?

    The chances that anyone went to the trouble of looking into the dumpster, saw your letters, pulled them out and read them is slim to none. It's too much trouble.

    Most people are not interested in what's in the trash unless they're looking for something, like food, things that people throw out that may have some value or something they might be able to use themselves. They're not interested in your letters. They're probably more embarrassed and afraid to be seen rummaging thru the trash.

    As long as your name isn't on the letters, it really doesn't matter. Let them laugh. If they think anything in your personal papers is funny, then they are low-lives and you should feel sorry for them.

    Of course, if you're a celebrity, my answer would be completely different.

    P.S. You may want to buy a paper shredder if your dad doesn't have one. There's all sorts of personal papers like bank statements that you should be shredding. I have one and use it all the time. They're pretty cheap.

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    It was fine, I didn't take the garbage bags out and put it in my own after I found out my trash can had been emptied. I was paranoid and thought they be checking the garbage cans or something or the police would knock on my door

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    Can you guess why 451 is my favorite number ?....

    No one can read ash!

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    What's ironic is that so few people read writing any more. I think you're safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dogboy View Post
    What's ironic is that so few people read writing any more. I think you're safe.
    So very true - especially cursive. When I was in college (graduated about a year ago), I'd occasionally have professors who couldn't read cursive. Really frustrating when it came to short answers on exams. :/

    I'm guessing that in a few years history and other similar majors will require a class on reading cursive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tetra View Post
    Can you guess why 451 is my favorite number ?....

    No one can read ash!
    This is what we did when I worked for (*****). Everything was shredded and then burned. Once the ashes were scooped up, there was no chance anybody would be able to piece together what was written down.

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