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Thread: Forza Horizon 3 Excitement

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    Default Forza Horizon 3 Excitement

    Is anyone on here excited about Forza Horizon 3? I pre ordered the ultimate edition the day pre orders came out and can't wait for Friday to arrive so I can finally play it.

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    I have the regular edition preordered. I've been playing forza games since Motorsport 2 and lately have gotten more into the Horizon side. If the demo is any indication it should be a great game building om an already solid foundation.

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    I never got into the horizon series. I've played FMS from the beginning and hate always loved the simulator feel to it. The demo for the first horizon game reminded me of need for speed, not a type of game I enjoy.

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    I love both the motorsport and horizon series and have played all of them except the first. I love the detail that Turn 10 puts into the motorsport series, they even pay attention to little things like making it so you can see the supercharger on a Zr1 move when you accelerate. I can see where you would get the feel of a need for speed, but in my opinion horizon is a million times better than any need for speed game. With horizon you still get the amazing Turn 10 polish that no need for speed has ever gotten, and the car selection and upgrade system is the same as the motorsport series. The biggest difference in the horizons is the open world and variety of races and race surfaces, which adds a lot of variety to the game. If you have an Xbox One I would totally give the Horizon 3 demo a download.

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