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Thread: Once before (long ago and not for long) but now again, hello!

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    Default Once before (long ago and not for long) but now again, hello!

    Hello ADISC,

    I joined this site some 7 years ago, but was never really much of a participant. I've decided to activate the account again as I'm at a point in my life where I'm really trying to come to terms with this side of me. I have no one to talk to about AB/DL issues and have difficulties trusting people in general, so I figured it would help me work through things if I were to join (or I guess rejoin, heh) an online community and start interacting with others of similar experience.

    Some info about me; I work in IT, am a huge music lover (mostly metal), watch a lot of anime, and enjoy video games when I get the (rare) free time to indulge in them.

    When it comes to AB/DL, I would classify myself as primarily a DL, although I'm beginning to suspect that there may be some "little" in there as well.

    I look forward to getting to know the community and will do my best to be a positive contributor.

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    Welcome as well. I worked in IT at one point in my life, as an assistant. I did a lot of the grunt work, hooking up equipment, moving things around, running wire, keeping track of stock. I actually didn't mine the job. Then they moved me to helping teachers teach junior high math and that got to be really boring. Anyway, glad you're back.

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    Its nice to know that even after all this time, you still thought of adisc as the go too for your "base camp" of coming to terms.

    welcome..BACK =D

    I enjoy computers games too, I usually play on Steam. do you have steam? If so maybe we could be friends?

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    Egor - thanks!

    Dogboy - thanks to you as well. I've actually managed to go almost my entire IT career without doing much physical work with the equipment (I'm in networking, and connect remotely to whatever I'm working on).

    MommyandMattling - Unfortunately I do not have steam...I haven't had a personal computer for a few years now (broke my old laptop in a moment of failed balance); I bought the laptop I'm using now just last week and it's useless for be honest, I primarily bought it so I could have a private means of accessing this community...the phone was just too awkward and slow. :P I have a PS4 though and my current game of choice is Final Fantasy XIV, although I rarely have time to play =\.

    Regarding ADISC...I like what the forum stands for and the level of moderation it has. It's certainly unique in the ABDL world, and I feel more comfortable trying to open up here than I would at any of the other forums I've visited lately.

    And thanks for the welcome.

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