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    I should got into earlier when i was kid our teenager but i would be worried that i might be made fun of school.

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    Harr. Yeah I wonder if I know wound I of gone through a depression. But it is what makes us who we are to day. And living for to day and having fun in the moment, is better than thinking about what found of been.

    It hard to put your pass behind you not in front of you. But it what I try to do.

    You got to put your behind in your pants. Hee, hee Hakuna Matata.


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    the only time one should look back is checking if it contains knowledge that can help us now or if its a memory that can make us happier, if its making us worry or feel regret its not helping anything... also maybe... to see if our diapers hanging out our pants in the back

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    There are a lot of things I wish I did when I was a kid, but then that's part of being a kid. Sometimes it's better to be careful and use good sense than to regret and have to live with the results of doing something stupid. I did enough stupid things but I also had to live with my friends.

    I do wish I had spent more time practicing my piano, but that's water over the dam.

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    I guess to a point we all wish that we had accepted ourselves earlier or recognized that this is what we really wanted at a younger age. I know I had touches of it all through life but only really accepted myself not too long before I made the account here. Instead of worrying about it though just try to focus on the happiness that your own acceptance is bringing you now and don't dwell on the things that your not able to change.

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