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    I've been a DL since I was in the single digits, and no one knows, not even my wife, i am even having a hard time sharing on line. I've wanted to share my interests for a while and had my eye on this site for some time, and it seems like a very welcoming community. I enjoy various types of outdoor activities, like boating, camping and four wheeling. When I can, I enjoy working with wood, and on my cutlass. I do also enjoy video games, which works well for me in the winter when outdoor activities are limited. I look forward to getting more involved here.

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    Good for you having the courage to share. This is an important part of self acceptance and will give you the courage to maybe own up to your wife some day. This is a part of you, that if shared with her (assuming she is accepting) will have s very positive impact on your life and wellbeing.
    But for now at least, enjoy getting involved here. Welcome.

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    Hello there, and welcome to the group.

    I too have been a DL since I was very little. I grew up taking my younger siblings diapers and wore them outside when I was playing with my friends but never had the courage to tell anyone. I still never told anyone until my wife found out on her own. She then confronted me about my I opened up to her. She actually found out before we were married, and she still decided that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. I feel lucky to have found someone who may not like or even participate in my love of diapers, but she understands why I like them and allows me to indulge.

    Sometimes it helps to open up...who knows how they will react. Now...I am not saying that you should go and tell your wife, right now, but I do suggest sharing your thoughts with the group as it may help if that situation were to ever arise.

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    Welcome! you must be pretty sneaky to be able to keep it from your wife

    I have failed at keeping it from pretty much everyone in my life...but it was not always my fault

    have you had any close calls?

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    Luckily I have not had any. Hopefully I don't. Before we had kids and a house we were at Walmart in the pharmacy section and I "joked" about diapers and she said omg if you like wearing diapers we are getting a divorce. Not sure how she would react not but I don't really want to find out. I still "joke" about them from time to time but she ignores me when I do.

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    I have had a partner who told me, and im going to paraphrase here.

    Basically, she had an interest in being an AB, at the time she did not know that i also had an interest. when i tried to break the news to her, she cut me off before i could state what i needed to talk to her about.

    she was horrified, and the only thing she could say was to ask for reassurance that i was not about to tell her i was secretly an AB.

    she said it in much more dire terms, but again i am trying to paraphrase..

    things actually ended up turning out ok believe it or not, but it took a lot of time talking and coming out of comfort zones.

    anyway the point im trying to make is, I know how it is when the other person preempts you and tells you ahead of time, or more so warns you not to share your secrets with them.

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