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Thread: Weraing Baby Diapers

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    Default Weraing Baby Diapers

    Some Abs wear baby diapers how they do that how do they still fit?

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    Some of them are very thin and some use extenders so it can fit around the waste

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    And some don't mind how tight they are.

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    Some like me. Also use convertup's which allows them to fit comfortably.

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    Honestly idk even if they fit it's doesn't feel how it felt when we were all actual babies/toddlers.
    I like big diapers to make me feel like a baby. Not actual baby diapers :/.
    The designs are awesome but I'd just feel silly trying even if it fit (ironic, right?)

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    some people in the fandoms metabolisms haven't caught up to them yet and don't mind leaking, personally if I want a nostalgia feel, I'll wear attends with a waist band (to me they feel like the diapers I wore when I was 2-3), however I prefer something functional, that said upon insistance from someone who works there who gave me a coupon giving the little paws a chances (granted they seem more overkill to me then even the dry 24/7 were)

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    I've put baby diapers inside a pair of briefs before and used them.
    They obviously leak very easily, and don't hold a lot, but the feeling is still nice. If you do just a few squirts at a time, you still get the same sensation of wetting and wearing a diaper which is good

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