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Thread: Big decision

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    Default Big decision

    I finally decided to try to obtain and wear a diaper. Since money is limited, and still very dependent economically of my mother, not to mention little privacy, I decided that for now, I will wear them, but not fully using them yet. I asked for free samples of diapers, that should take up to 3 or 4 weeks to arrive. It should be a pack of 10, and must last for a couple months, as I probably won't be able to buy more before then.
    As for the hidding spot, there is a hollow bunny, designed to hold a pijamas inside. No one should be curious about touching it, if I put it in a corner of my room, on my desk, next to some of my stuffed animals.
    I'm really anscious to have them on, be it during the day, or while sleeping. I researched for ways to wear them discretely, putting on and putting off.
    But since I feel like I trust you way more, can you give me some advices, about anything diaper related? Anything at all, that you feel like saying? Please, I'm new to this, and want to fully enjoy it. I promise to give feedback asap, about my experiments, findings and learnings.
    Pacis and nappies to you all. Oh. And a hug too. ^v^
    Your new friend and fellow ABDL

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    a pack of 10 samples, that's quite a lot, who did you find so many free samples?

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    If you won't be wetting them, that makes things a bit easier. If you've read many past posts here, you likely already know this, but...

    1) You can use duct tape or some other really sticky tape if the original tapes wear out or you don't get them placed right the first time.
    2) Plastic backed diapers will have a noticeable crinkle, but a tight brief or boxer brief (and shorts / trousers) should quiet them enough. Have some loose change in your pocket if you're still nervous.
    3) If your mother should discover your diapers, just assure her that you're not having a medical problem, you're entitled to wear whatever underwear you like, and you like the way they feel. You're not doing anything wrong. She probably has some kinks, too.


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    I visited a site of a local store, in my coutry, sinse it was in portuguese. I guess that I was just lucky, to find it. I found another, with a pack of 20, but were already out of stock. Those were given by the government, If I'm not mistaken.

    Well, I couldn't read much, since I don't have my own internet , and the one I use is very unstable, not to mention very limited about how many people can use it at the same time. But I might get one finaly, on friday.
    Then I can be way more active, read more threads and post more also, and post to other threads too. Until friday afternoon, it will apear an eternity waiting.

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    And no, my mother doesn't have any link of any kind. At least if she has, she denies it to herself. And I can tell that she would react better if I did have a problem. She doesn't take certain tinha lightly. She is nothing a bad personagens, just doesn't understand about a lot of thins, sinceramente she had a very difficult infancy, all the way to the last 15 days before getting married to my father.

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    you may want to turn spell correct off as its changing some words to I believe Portuguese and making understanding what you are saying even harder then if there were some spelling errors, that said. A mother is mother, it helps if you can to be honest with her unless you truly think it will create a rift between you two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rennecfox View Post
    you may want to turn spell correct off as its changing some words to I believe Portuguese and making understanding what you are saying even harder then if there were some spelling errors, that said. A mother is mother, it helps if you can to be honest with her unless you truly think it will create a rift between you two.
    Sorry. I posted with my cellphone, and didn't see those couple words.
    I tell my mother about most things, but I want to keep this a secret from her. This will only be shared with people inside ABDL, or IC, as they will understand it better.
    I though about faking a bladder problem, or something, but would't get far with that. And would be an insult to people with real problems in that matter. And I want to feel that I wear diapers for fun and confort, not for medical reasons. And combo it with a paci.

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    Hey, a fellow countryman.

    In your situation it's probably better to not wet them as they last longer that way. I bought (ordered) diapers for the first 3, almost 4, years ago and I also started with a pack of 10, ABU Cushies. And I didn't wet until it was time to dispose of them.

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    Yay bro. How nice to meet a fellow countryman. I'm glad I'm not the only portuguese in here as well.
    Yeah, I also feel that way. Until I can buy them more or less regularly, I better not wet them, unless they are in the last day of their usefulness life. I don't care much If I become diaper addicted, as I plan on using them 24/7 someday. It doesn't hurt anyone, and I get to do ageplay, be it alone, or with a female companion, or friends. Life is to be enjoyed as we want, while we can, as it is simply too short to care about meaningless things. There are a lot of ways to love ourselves, including AD/DL.
    And since I finally have internet in my house, I can start research and post threads more often and accurate. Thank you all for accept me for what I am, and telling me stuff. I'm so happy. I think that I finally filled the last emptiness left inside me, when I accepted myself, and went with the flow, instead of struggling to go the other way. This is me, and this is life.
    If we really want something, we just have to fight to get it. Sometimes it is easy, other times it is really hard, but getting what we want or need might be worth it, even if it is not always the case.
    And we can stick together, so we remain strong, helping one another, sharing knowledge, not lying or feeling destructive envy, as in the end, we gain nothing for it, and end with an emptiness, for not having any real friends. Trust me, many timed, our true friends are the real and only family we have, as the suposed blood family, many times, only tries to steal, disrespect, deceive and mock us for something "not normal", but guess what, they're the ones who lose. Lose someone who is trully loyal, friendly and helpfull person.
    Sorry for all this, but there's a lot inside of me, and just want to have a chance to express myself, to anyone who actively listen/read, and talk back, so it won't feel like I'm adressing to a wall. Even trees can listen more than many people.
    Peace and love for you all.

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    I do understand your need to to talk. This obsession/compulsion is strange enough that you can't talk about it freely to just anybody, and many people don't have good friends who are ABDL. If you're shopping with a friend, you probably won't drag them to the incontinence aisle to look at diapers!

    Thanks for explaining about the situation with your mother. I think it does help to plan ahead for awkward situations, whether in public or at home, so hopefully you can find the right words, if the situation should ever arise.

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