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    Hi all, been a while since I posted but wanted to see if anyone can help me out here. I feel like I have never been able to find a good onesie that supports my padding as well, they all feel droopy in the crotch or like they were made for giants lol. I have tried and own to baby pants ones that are fun to wear but i feel like my diap should have more support - is that not the purpose of this garment? I am not expecting a gymnastic leotard type tightness but hold up my diap and support. Anyone tried or used any real winners for those attributes? Thanks for any an all help!

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    XPMedical has 4care. They are very good. I get a XL and it is almost too tight. It is snug around the body and definitely through the crotch. I am 6/1 and about 200 lbs. Another option is Babykins onesies. I get an XL there and it is much less snug, but still provides good support. Preventawear is a recent addition for me. It only has two snaps and is like the 4care in that it is snug, but it has much more stretchy fabric and is more comfortable. Remember, they all shrink when washed....

    I found that my wife's control panties help too. I just happen to be about the same size as her and I tried them one day. I would put on my diaper, then the panties, then plastic pants and last a onesie. This helps flatten bulges out and definitely helps hold it up in place as I spend a lot of time walking around. One downside to this is when the diaper gets full (Usually an M4/ABU or 24/7) the rig tends to get rigid and when I walk I feel like the diaper is moving side to side opposite my stride. I wonder what someone looking at my butt thinks when it gets like this, but at this point I do not really care.

    Good luck.

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    I'd go for the 4care, they are snug!

    My usual when I used to walk a lot was, diaper, a pair of underwear (briefs) and diaper cover...briefs help hold and will absorb if a bit of sweat or small leak...then 4care onesie...

    These days, not much walking anymore, so don't worry about I'm usually in my convaid cx-18...

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    I'd also go for 4Care because as others have said, AND they are reinforced in the crotch. They are very durable. They run small because they intend for it to be a tight fit for mental ill patients who have a habit of diaper digging. They are worth the price, solid build.

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