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Thread: Diaper Bags???!!!!

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    Default Diaper Bags???!!!!

    I want to buy a diaper bag for my own diaper bag. I checked my walmart and found nothing... Any store or website ideas for me?

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    Any large purse or handbag will do! I keep my diapers, wipes, powder and lotion in my bag with all of my other stuff

    only thing is that it's a disaster if the lotion comes open inside your bag and all over your keys and makeup

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    Quote Originally Posted by keepitontheDL View Post
    Why not buy a book bag? :P
    This was my idea too. Get one you can draw on or just a very colorful one.

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    I use a backsack. If it not coulerfull for you some fabric paint and badgers takes care of that.

    Have fun.


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    Kinda bummed I cant find the exact bag I wanted to link, but mommy baught me a kids backpack that has the outline of dinosaur shapes on it you can color in yourself, its small and fits powder and wipes and a couple nappies and maybe a bottle and a couple other things.

    Kids backpacks make great nappy bags, more discreet then a out and out nappy bag.

    update! found the right one. for those who are curious: https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon....7L._SY679_.jpg
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    I've bought two Vera Bradley diaper bags (two different sizes) for my nanny; we used the large one for a weekend trip just this past weekend. They're expensive, and they're obviously diaper bags, but women seem to love the prints and they're very functional. The changing pad is big enough that I can actually use it.

    The Walmart-type diaper bags are, in my opinion, not really worth the money. We've had several - Graco, Carter's, etc. - and they wear out quickly, don't hold much and aren't well-designed. Their only redeeming quality is that they are cheap. If you step up to a brand like Skip Hop, you get a lot closer to something that will function well for an adult.

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    There was a really big fad when I was in High School to use Messenger Bags instead of more traditional book bags. This was super convenient for me because they make fantastic Diaperbags, imo. And I still use one for this purpose.

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    Default This is the one I have. Its pretty low key and I can keep a days worth of diapers in it. Has room for wipes and powder on the side and you can pack a few other items in there. The wipes container is on the side which is awesome for fast access. With the price point at 45 bucks its definitely a keeper.

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