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Thread: Living at home?

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    Question Living at home?

    So I live at home, but not for much longer...

    I want to be little and drink from a sippy, wear diapers, all that. My mom has seen me acting childish but how do I explain it if she asks?

    Do I tell her I just like being younger?

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    I think you should keep it to yourself since you are moving out soon

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    Just keep sippy cups, toys, etc. to your room or when you have the house to yourself. It's pretty easy to wear diapers around others if you just take a couple precautions, like wearing long shirts and underwear over the diaper to control crinkling.

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    There's usually no real good reason to tell parents unless you have very accepting ones. My mom sent me to a psychiatrist when she found my stuff so normally we just wait until we can move out. As for me, I moved out of my parents house months later, going to my first job which was in one state over. I've been on my own/married ever since.

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    you need to think why you are telling her. And if you are moving out then you have your own place you can Little out to your hearts desire.

    If she does ask why you acting like a child. You could say "because adulting to hard and boring!" Hee,hee let us know who it goes.


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    You could try saying what I often say to my mom (she doesn't know, but it tips her off about the truth). Although one may grow older, they do not necessarily grow up.

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