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Thread: Going out with a girl

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    Default Going out with a girl

    Okay in a week this girl I know will be hanging out with me. It is the first time I have EVER done anything like this for more than 30 seconds. I want to make a good impression on her, so we will continue to hang out again after this first time.

    Any good anitdotes, jokes, stories, etc. I can tell to make her laugh and be interested in me? All help is appreciated

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    Do shit spur of the moment and be chivalrous. Compliment her on unimportant things.

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    If you're asking, it's already a bad sign.

    There's a few rules I've picked up over my short dating 'career'.
    1. Don't be desperate. If you're doing anything to crack a joke or make conversation, she's going to see right through it. A few moments of awkward silence to come up with something you actually consider to be interesting is a million times better than the awkward silence that'll follow a conversation neither of you care about.

    2. Don't ask for advice. SHe's interested in you. Not me, not the next poster, not someone who has 300 girlfriends. If she cared about us, she wouldn't be dating you. So be yourself. Tell your own corny jokes. Tell your own stories. Be who you are. If you're really going to date her, do you really want to show her half way through that she's been dating the wrong guy?

    3. Compliment her on unimportant things. - Ellipsis
    Good point brought up by Ellipsis. The girls I've dated love when you give them an honest compliment, especially when it's something they don't think you'd notice. And even then, it's a great conversation starter if you're stuck- comment on how good something looks and then try to look vaguely interested in it while she explains how/where she got it.

    Okay, that's my two cents. Just keep things natural and be yourself. Perhaps do a voodoo ritual before hand, just for luck. :P

    Good luck!

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    If she's got a good sence of humor, you're in! (no pun intended)

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    Show interest in what she likes to do, what music she is interested in, etc. Be sure to be as interested in her as she is in you.

    As has been said before, be yourself!

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    Chloroform. Works every time.

    Failing that, just be yourself and show her a good time.

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    Be a good listener. Engage in what she is saying and telling you.

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    Just relax and act yourself!

    If she doesn't like you for you, then there's not much point in her liking you.

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    Well I've got a good anecdote you can tell:

    Okay really, I say just act normal, and ask her questions about herself.
    Not invasive questions, avoid sexual ones, just general crap.

    If you do make jokes or tell humorous anecdotes, make them inoffensive mature ones.

    And congrats on getting a girl to talk to!

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