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Thread: Feeling extremelly homesick and not myself....

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    Question Feeling extremelly homesick and not myself....

    Me and mum are moving to worcester,UK in the midlands in a few months.

    Mum already bought the house up here 6 months ago, and we come up here for a few days every few weeks.

    I was born and been living in london UK,ALL my entire life, and rather sad to leave!!!
    I will miss the busy excitement of the energetic crazy hyper people and all the shit that goes on around me.

    Will especially miss the metropolitan police force with their white shirts and traditional bobby helmets and caps.
    As the police force up in worcester looks like the bloody military in their all black uniforms and tactical vests.
    And they don't use rigid speedcuffs either on their belt on show, hinged cuffs in a pouch the west mercia police use up here.

    Will kinda miss how rough my area is and how I developed an attitude/slang to try fit in with the stupid chavs.

    Also will miss all the amazing shops london has.

    Seems like there isn't much crazy things happening in worcester UK.
    And MUCH less shops too...

    However MOSTLY all my friends live up north now.
    And there's an aspie group thing up here.

    Also MUCH safer up here. Can walk alone at night, wheras in london where I'm from, you could be chased by a gang or mugged in broad daylight.

    I haven't come out of my shell as it were when I come up here for a few days...

    And sit in the house here, never wanting to explore it much as feel ultra depressed up here and can't wait to get back to london.

    Thing is house in london has nasty neighbors and is a 1930's semi with character.
    This house in worcester UK has very nice neighbors and is a 1990's detached house.

    I don't exactly like new-ish houses....

    However house in london is ONLY half mum's and half renting it.
    House on worcester,UK is fully owned by mum now.

    House in london has high ceilings, house in worcester,UK has low-ish ceilings.

    Also I find the countryside all around worcester, vety boring and depressing as I'm extremelly used to an extremelly big city life with the chaos with it...

    Worcester UK is a city about 1/20th or less size of london....

    Least I'm MUCH nearer birmingham,bristol and cardiff here.........

    Anyone alse moving or moved from london and regret it?

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    I have never lived in London, but I have moved countless times. I know for sure over 20 times. I have lived in 3 different states, and 2 countries. I have never been able to stay somewhere long enough to really have things like childhood friends or ... long term friends of any kind.

    So in a sense for me, I never lived anywhere long enough for me to miss it when I ended it up having to go somewhere else. Although it has made my life considerably difficult.

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    Hi Yurguardianangel. This sounds like a good move for your mom and I think it will eventually be for you. It's never easy to move and leave friends. I had to do it a number of times when I was a kid. My parents went bankrupt when I was in 7th grade and we had to move once again. It caused me to have a psychotic break and I lost an entire week of consciousness. I woke up a week after the move wondering where I was.

    Anyway, I suspect your mom is trying to keep you safer by moving away from the crime element you have described. The best I can suggest is that you give it a chance and see what happens. Hopefully you can make some friends. I always did after the moves but I was a sort of outgoing kid.

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    Lived in London for a few years, moving away from it took some serious adjustment for it is one hell of a fast paced city. Another thing you will find is how much you miss the transport system.

    My favourite of the three addresses I had in london is by far the last one, right next to Broadwater Farm in Seven Sisters. I have some great memories of that city, but it is also where I really learned to be self reliance and how to stand on my own two feet. Of those I miss most were my friends who lived in Lincon Inn Fields, I'd guess most of not all have long since passed.

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