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Thread: How can I start bringing my ab things out of hiding?

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    Default How can I start bringing my ab things out of hiding?

    This may sound a bit stupid but I am tired of hiding my ab stuff. I want to be more natural but at the same time I don't think it will such a good idea.

    I was thinking storing my diapers under my bed in a box for storage, leaving my pacifiers out and my baby toys when I havn't finished playing. I thinking about leaving my pacis on the shelf in a bag so I can just grab one. I don't want to be found out nessary but I think pacifiers are not such a big deal and I want to be natural and not rummaging through piles of crap trying to find my stuff in which case I give up!

    How would you go about doing this? What would you suggest? What do you already?

    I know I already made a thread about this but I needed to reword it

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    My diapers are in plain sight in my closet. I even have some in my underwear drawer...after all they are underwear.

    As far as everything else, I would suggest just leaving things out in the open. For example, your pacifiers should be left on the counter, your bed, on the table, or anywhere you'd like to put it. Like you said, pacifiers are not that big of a what if you have one...or two...or more. You could say that it helps prevent the urge to smoke...or chew gum...or anything that could come to mind. I remember when I was in junior high, the girls would have a pacifier tied to their shirt and would even suck on it in class. When it comes to AB items, pacifiers are more socially acceptable than anything.

    Baby toys...that is a good one. If someone sees you with baby toys, pacifiers, and diapers...they will put two and two together and know that you are into that kind of lifestyle. I would try my best to keep the individual elements away from each other, but still in plain sight. Honestly, sometimes the best way to hide something is right in from of someone's face.

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    If the reason you are hiding it is because you don't want the items seen, if someone sees them are you prepared for the questions posed to you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by alwayz View Post
    If the reason you are hiding it is because you don't want the items seen, if someone sees them are you prepared for the questions posed to you?
    Great point!

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    my mum knows about my paci she knows where I keep it and I don't mind because I feel its safe where it is and its easily accessible

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    Funny. I still hid my AB stuff even when I lived by myself. Took me a long time to break that habit.

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    Angelic, you've mentioned in a past thread that your dad isn't comfortable with some of the more babyish things, and he doesn't know about the diapers nor do you think he would approve. I think you need to keep your things out of site, but I believe you could organize where you put them.

    My wife is supportive of my being AB as well as DL, but I still keep my things hidden because we have company and family dropping in. My situation is different from yours in that I own my house and it's large enough to have four bedrooms, three bathrooms, a large family room, a basement, etc., so there are plenty of places to keep things. I use a spare bedroom to keep all my diapers, plastic pants and Baby Pants training pants. The downside is that I have to put all of that away when we have company staying in that bedroom. This will happen this weekend.

    Hiding and taking care of "our stuff" is part and parcel that comes with being an adult baby. I find it annoying but I still have to do it. Really, your only solution is to be out living on your own and even then you would want to conceal things unless you wouldn't mind all of your friends and visitors knowing.

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    He only said princess stuff though, he doesn't have any inkling of the baby stuff, if only I could just leave a paci out or something

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