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Thread: Attitudes towards transgender individuals

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    Default Attitudes towards transgender individuals

    Sup Homedogs

    Just a newb girl with her little newb questions here.

    So how do you guys feel trans-identifiers are treated 'round these parts. Both on this site, and in the abdl community.

    Not gonna lie, I'm a bit hesitant to be open about this stuff in this venue. I've heard that women in the larger community get creeped on a fair bit, so I want to know if that extends to trans-folks too?

    Like I'm aware that there's some prominent trans-ABs (Riley Kilo comes to mind). I just figured I'd ask around here to get a good idea of if this is the right site for me.

    So I figure ya'll sissies are probably fine, but what about the peeps on the other boards? Are they cool? Do you trans-abdls feel as if the people on this site are accepting of this? Would they tell you to gtfo if you mention your trans-ness on the other boards?

    My gut reaction is that I don't have much to worry about. Everyone on this site has something to hide. Still, I'm a bit weary of potential predators. I am after all openly discussing the two biggest thing that make me an outlier of contemporary society.

    So sorry if I come across as nosy or judgmental here. If I just insulted the community right here, I apologize, cuz this is my first time really interacting with either of these communities in an online capacity.

    Anyway, Have Fun


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    Welcome aboard! I think you'll find this community quite accepting of transgenders and other differences--because we all know what "different" means, to some extent, even if the specifics of another person's differences aren't directly relatable.

    I haven't seen much creeping on females here, but perhaps most of that happens through PMs. It's unfortunately easy to anticipate given the rather enormous gender imbalance--which of course does not make it ok in the least!

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    gotta agree, cant say i have ever run into anything resembling shaming, I also think there is a pretty heavy overflow between boards?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruth View Post
    Yay, glad to hear this stuff.
    I've had no issue with this here at ADISC whatsoever, Ruth...

    In fact, my experience with the great group of people here (members and staff), have been instrumental in my better understanding of myself, along with greater self-acceptance - I don't know how I would have been able to embrace my own TG'ism were it not for this place!

    Basically, the more respect, compassion and empathy that one brings... the more one can gain...

    We are a strong support community!

    Yes, you'll get some irritations and detractors yet, it's the exception to the standards (unless, you're provoking more than a reasonable share).

    A belated welcome!

    For now and, best regards,

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    I would say my experience here thus far has been pretty good when it comes to being transgender. Most people seem generally accepting.

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    I'm not one of the more vocal members here, but I have been around for a while and I can't say I have seen anyone go out of their way to blatantly insult other members because of their sexuality, religious followings or the like. As was said, everyone here is different to varying degrees and we all share a common view in some fashion. I believe you are in good company here.

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    This is a great site for accepting those who are different. After all, we wear diapers! I count myself lucky to have gotten to know both Marka, Brabbit and others. As for me, I lived an exclusively gay lifestyle when I was in college, which was/is a well known east coast music conservatory. I'm bi and later in life I married my wife and together we started our family.

    You'll find all kinds of people here and we try to be supportive of one another because life is a circle and things have a way of going around and coming back. My mom was big on the golden rule: do unto others as you would have others to unto you. I think it's a good philosophy.

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    ive never had any issues as an AB DL IC SUB MTF... not one...
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    As far as I can tell, this site is very accepting of both trans and cisgender women.

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