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    Default Extra Extra, Long Time Lurker Says Hey!

    Yo. How's it going?

    Ya'll can call me Ruth. I'm a 21 year old trans-woman, who totally is not used to posting that on the internet. Yeah, been 24/7 on that front for about a month, haven't updated my social media accounts... Come to think of it, this is the first online venue where I'm open about that. Granted, I haven't been an active participant in an online community since like 2008. Not really good at making online friends, but what the heck, I'll give it a shot anyway. So yeah... I'm a student, with a double major in History and writing. I'm fairly magnanimous in person, so long as I'm in the mood. And I guess I'm a nerd.

    So... Next item... Ah yes, why am I here?

    So I got a multi-stage answer to that.
    Why lurk the ABDL Community?
    Because diapers. Confirmed fetish, possible AB. The fetish part is kinda weird considering how I'm otherwise asexual. No idea if I qualify as sissy. Doesn't matter. Diapers are cute, I want to be cute, ergo I want diapers.
    Why join the community now?
    My therapist suggested I do something like this. I'm not good at reaching out to other people. We'll see how it goes.
    Why join this particular site at this particular moment?
    I wanted to use your search bar.
    What? Were you expecting more? You got a good forum, and I want to search.
    Shit, I'm probably making my answer to this way more complex than it needs to be. Quickly, to the next part before this gets old!

    Okay, so what do I like? Well, I like building sets for plays, I'm totally a theater nerd who can't act. I think Steven Universe is the best show on TV currently. I play D&D and other tabletops. And I enjoy public speaking and dancing a lot. Expect me to make up most of it as I go. And you should always count on me to take jokes well past the point where they should have died.

    Shoot, that was supposed to be the part where I make myself sound cool! So much for that plan. Urgh, these asides are probably really annoying too! Gosh, why did I think these would be clever?

    Okay last part, what do I want from this site?

    Well, we already covered the search bar. 10/1 beautiful.

    You're stories tend to be better than most stuff found on google, so they're good for entertainment among other things.

    And I guess I'll see if I make a friend or two.

    Yeah, I guess that about covers it. Thanks for bearing with my overblown introduction. Prepare yourself for more to come.


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    Hello Ruth and welcome to the group.

    Very nicely done introduction.


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    Your introduction was spot on and a great read. Welcome to the group, I look forward to your future posts.

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    Hi Ruth and welcome. I was wondering, which do you enjoy more, history or writing? I'm a performing musician but I also enjoy writing. I have several stories on this site. I've been writing scary diaper stories for this site around Halloween and it's been a lot of fun. I also wrote a short story titled, "Werewolf" which sold very well on Barns & Noble for several years. Last year's story is "The House at the End of the Road". Anyway, welcome to the site.

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    Well when you get to the college level, history starts looking a lot more like a writing class. I love them both, though I hade the screenwriting major first. My idea is to use the history classes to learn how to conduct research and generate story ideas. I'm writing my theses on the same subject in fact.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also glad to have another writer reach out to me. I think that this site as well as abdl story forum are probably the higher tier diaper fiction sites.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Also glad to have another writer
    reach out to me. I think that this site as well as abdl story forum and diaper dreams zity from a few years back are probably the higher tier diaper fiction sites. Maybe some day I'll try some fetish fiction. Right now I gotta worry about the several hundred page theses I gotta work on. But yeah, I'd be down to check out your stuff.

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    Tell us more about your roots in ABDL. I / we're always interested to learn how it starts in different people. Was the trans tendency first, or second?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jamieboy View Post
    Tell us more about your roots in ABDL. I / we're always interested to learn how it starts in different people. Was the trans tendency first, or second?

    That is an excellent question! My answer is gonna be a little complicated.

    So every trans identifier and abdl comes to recognize certain things about themselves at different times. Some people can immediately recognize that something about their body or mind strays from the norm a bit. And for others it takes a lot of time to discover that side of themselves.

    I definitely recognized the abdl side first. I was thirteen when I knew I had a diaper fetish. It was the only fantasy that actually turned me on, and became my only source of pornography. But my connection to it was really negative.

    I felt like I lost the fetish lottery. I'd ask myself, "Why couldn't I end up with something expected, like a foot fetish, or something cool like BDSM! At least people have heard of those!" We've all been there at some point. Anyway, I buried the feelings, but still kept the fantasy in my head.

    Concurrently, I had issues with my body image for a long time. I don't know when I first realized it, but halfway through high school I was feeling it hard. But I never knew what I wanted to fix. My weight was fine. I knew I had no desire for muscles. I was never happy with my hair. In short, I felt like I was not capable of looking good.

    I carried my feelings into college. My school is in California, and I got exposed to a whole lot of gender related ideas out here. My freshman roomate was trans (although she stayed closeted until I moved out). My best friend has a trans brother. The more I started to hang around this crowd, the more I realized that I didn't connect to the idea of maleness. Despite having attended an all male catholic high school, I didn't come out with any good idea of what maleness was.

    So I realized that my male designation was kinda arbitrary, but I was like "eh, whatevs. I can ignore that. It's probably not that important."

    It was.

    The feelings kept bubbling up until last year. For five days straight I lied awake thinking about this. My body physically wasn't letting me sleep. I had this on my mind the whole time. I just couldn't ignore it. Fortunately, I had already come to accept another side of myself that I tried to bury.

    Earlier that year I decided to see a therapist about my diaper fetish. I didn't know if she'd try to correct me, or whatever. I just wanted the guilt to leave. But she didn't try to change me. She encouraged me to find a healthy way to accept this side of me, and to occasionally indulge without letting it consume my life. To her it was just another fetish, not something too out of the ordinary. So I was able to accept the dl side.

    Without accepting my abdl side, I don't know if I could have accepted my transgender identity. A few days after I fell asleep, I came out to two of my friends about the gender stuff.

    My friends donated some of their clothing, which allowed me to experiment. I re-contextualized my body image problem. It wasn't that I was incapable of being attractive. In fact, I was just incapable of being an attractive man. I came to appreciate my body by presenting female. I look so much better in my current wardrobe.

    So yeah. Here's my in-depth response to your simple question.

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