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Thread: Why do you mainly use/wear diapers?

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    Default Why do you mainly use/wear diapers?

    My first in foremost motivation for diapers was always sexual. Something just turnt on and aroused me about them( all senses too!). Lately find myself wearing because of stress from work or relationships and to relax and feel "disconnected" from the world for a bit. Everything just feel's so right to me as well.

    Though just mainly wear at night because going to bed in a diaper is honestly "the best feeling" around, don't care what anyone else might say. But if they haven't personally tried it, then they don't fully understand the experience.

    What y'all other's thought's about this?

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    My motivation to wear and use diapers has always been sexual. It is very comforting too. And I agree. Nothing like falling asleep in a diaper

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    Sexual, but I use them as a portable toilet, for the little on the go. It has it's sexual aspect to my sexuality
    However now I wear them because I enjoy the regression they give me, it's 50/50. I don't wear them just for sexuality, I wear them because I also enjoy the comfort and the convince they give me, that and they make me safe and snug without a care in the world.

    I should mention this fetish for me started off in early childhood and was completely non-sexual, than it became sexual as well. paci's and bottles and diapers bring me into regression.

    oddly enough it kind of "masked" my sexuality, until I realized that I was a gay bear. which I found odd. I thought I was asexual all the way upto like 16/17.

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    My motivation to wear is "because it's fun." It's a platonic fun.

    It becomes sexual when I'm with someone else who is padded.

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    My two primary motivations for choosing to wear disposable adult diapers is because I have Urinary incontinence related to my health/disabilities and also for comfort reasons as when I am in diapers all my stresses and worries disapere as I feel more relaxed and I can sleep better at night knowing that I have a form of protection from the embarrassment of waking up in a wet bed at night.

    Also I have pycalogical reason for wanting to wear them as in I suffer from PTSD left over following years of abuse at the hands of bullies, also When I am wrapped up in diapers I literally sleep like a baby because I am one inside of my head as I never really grew up because of my severe learning difficulties in the form of Autisum, I don't judge anyone who wears diapers as I am one myself.

    If I get a place of my own I will ask to be put into care for my disabilities and this I another blog for another day, anyway hope this awnsers your questions about me.

    Yours sincerely


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    Because I like to wear them really. . . though that said:

    Currently I'm wearing for the next. . . 23 hours because I'm in a 'potty training dare' and I lost so far so I had to go back to diapers for 24 hours. lol. Yeah my reasons aren't as serious as most other people's.

    Being honest I do it for fun! Because I love the comfort and it also takes me back to before I had my anxiety issues, but I try to not dwell on that.

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    I have to wear them or have a wet bed every night and wet pants during the day as I have little control over my bladder no due to diabetic related nerve problems. This doesn't stop me enjoying my nappies though and since becoming incontinent and dependant on nappies I have also become very much DL

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    I wear and use diapers because I need them to stay dry on the outside. Overactive bladder and urge incontinence.

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    I wear mostly for sexual.

    Also to relax, de-stress, to be like a security blanket/comfort and because they are much more comfy than underwear.
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    My main reason for wearing diapers has been simply because I like it and also have always had problems with bed wetting. It also didn't start out sexual in the least bit as it started when I was a kid even before elementary school. I just have always wanted to wear diapers. Wearing them just makes me feel happy for some reason.

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