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Thread: PHOBIAS and what scares you?

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    Question PHOBIAS and what scares you?

    Things that scare me right up:

    The dark

    old dolls/puppets/statues

    Swimming pool drains(part of the circulation filtration system) and have actually killed people or sucked their bowel out by suction.
    Plus they look sinister too with the water rippling over them. *SHUDDERS*

    Poltergeists/possessed/cursed objects.
    That's exactly why I really really really hate say old china faced dolls.
    Oujia board I wouldn't have one in my house, full stop...


    Deep water

    Spiders (especially big ones)

    Wasps,bees,hornets,beetles,cockroaches, and simular.

    Feeling of being trapped

    Street gangs and chavs

    Screaming,shouting,yelling makes me cover my ears and feel scared.

    Things that can cause a disaster in the house to cause a fire or explosion,
    Scares me ALOT
    Everything from faulty electrics to faulty boilers, or thin gas pipes.

    Not the actual item scarying me but the what IF it causes a house fire at night(especially) or explosion risk,
    Yes I got many smoke alarms but certain things still make me very paranoid when not serviced or maintained well.

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    I was scared with lizard kind of animals or snake, or called "herpetophobia."

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    Religion. I can prove people are stupid with one word... "Scientology"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crinklebuttt View Post
    Religion. I can prove people are stupid with one word... "Scientology"
    Scientology is quite stuffed up xD.

    I'm scared of belly buttons, :'( and somewhat scared of bees, but I'm used to them sneaking in my room the little buggers.

    Oh, and thunder as well, but that's due to abuse, any loud sounds trigger panic attacks for me.

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    I hate stinging bees. I got stung multiple times as a child when wasps had built a next on the upper part of our back door. When I went outside to play, opening the door tore their next and down they came on me. It's still a bad memory.

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    Stupid people running for office and other people listening to them.

    Oh I am sorry this is called congress!

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    Oddly enough, I used to be terrified of slugs because when I was a kid I remember a time I was walking through grass with sandals on, and I must have felt something on my foot for half an hour before I took my one of my sandals off to find a slug just slowly crawling on the bottom of my foot.

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    -Being upside down (even a quick loop on a Rollercoaster. Just can't handle being upside-down for any length of time or reason. I freak out.
    -The unknown (Being bored and getting into a loop of 'what if...' in my head is enough to trigger panic attacks, so think how anxious I get when I'm told X is about to happen and nobody knows what that will mean)
    -Flying. This is a recent one for me. I used to make at least 4 transatlantic flights, as well as visit at least one new country every year for as long as I can remember. For some reason though the last time I got on a plane, I almost didn't because I had a panic attack and the airline didn't think I was fit to fly. I forced myself on just to get home, but told myself since that I won't be getting on another plane. And I have no idea why this happened!

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    Wasps, hornets, and bees (of all kinds) have always been scared of them.
    Cops, most are nice and respectful imo, I just get terrified when I get pulled over because I can't afford a ticket.

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