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Thread: What's your sexual orientation

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    Default What's your sexual orientation

    What is your sexual orientation.

    1) staight
    2) gay/lesbian
    3) bi
    4) Asexual
    5) other - explain if you would like to

    Personally I am asexual so 4 for me

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    2. :P I'm a gay drunk bear.

    Well, straight since I'm trans.

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    1. I'm straight, first and foremost, though I also have a strong sexual inclination toward diaper-wearing. The two are distinct, though. The diapers and the ordinary sex do not mix at all.

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    Diapers are my main sexual thing in my life. Sure thing s combine with it to keep it interesting . How ever they would be nothing with out a diaper

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    Asexual in that I do not participate with anything sexual, but have a strong liking to anything incontinence related, ect nappies and wetwipes.

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    Default What's your sexual orientation

    I'm a bisexual female but the ddlg lifestyle isn't sexual.

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    I'm straight but keep my love of diapers to myself unless I'm in a true relationship and ready to tell

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    Maybe a little bi-curious? Not completely sure but for the most part straight.

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    im an asexual but im not sex repulsed im a top bottom switch and I still have my "v" and saving it for the right person

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