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Thread: Happy Birthday, KryanAshford

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    Default Happy Birthday, KryanAshford

    Today is a birthday for one of our members, KryanAshford.

    I thought I'd post this after he started a thread several days ago titled "Another Year" in which he stated he was feeling depressed with himself and not looking forward to his birthday this year.

    I'm hoping people will take a minute to wish him a happy birthday and perhaps give a few words of encouragement for the year ahead.

    Happy Birthday, my friend.
    You have touched so many of our lives at Adisc with your presence here. May your deepest wishes and dreams come true on your special day and in the year ahead.
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    Happy birthday, KryanAshford! It's not always easy to be enthusiastic about one's birthday but they come on regardless. I think it makes the most sense to reflect on good things that have happened and make positive plans for the future. If nothing else, indulge yourself in a little fun and be amazed at just how unlikely it is that you're here at all.

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    The awesome thing about birthdays is the beginning of a new year in your life, and it's filled with all sorts of possibilities. Happy Birthday dude and best wishes for wonderful experiences ahead.

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    Happy birthday. I'm not too thrilled when birthdays come, but they have a way of doing that anyway. Tomorrow will be a new day and getting one day older is just that: one day.

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    Happy birthday bro! Hope your day (actually all days and nights) are fabulous!

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    I just saw this. Yesterday was a bit bittersweet. I got to talk to my mom, my brother. I saw my niece, nephews, step-sister step-mom and a lot of my friends. I also had to work which of course I hated, but it wasn't that bad. I was given a cake and ice cream while I was working. I was promised an amazing gift from my mom, but I have to wait to get it. I got myself a new DS. It's a galaxy purple model. A friend of mine gave me a blu ray copy of my favorite anime. I've also been told I'm getting a cake tonight as well. Last night I decided to diaper up and even went to bed padded. Overall it was a great day, but I could have done without having to work.

    Thanks everyone for your good wishes.

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