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Thread: Friend wet the couch

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    Default Friend wet the couch

    So Friday night my brother came over and I had him bring some of his friends (friends were brothers) and one of them slept on my love seat and didn't tell me about him wetting the bed at night and he left but he threw the blanket in my washer wet. So I have an urine smell on my couch and urine smelling blanket but the blanket should be fine after washing it. Should I confront him about it? Because next time I can give him a diaper, but he doesn't know I'm a DL?

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    Odds are pretty high he's just prone to wetting in his sleep when (A) out drinking all night and possibly aggrivated by (B) sleeping in a strange bed.

    He's also probably pretty mortified to have done it and is praying you somehow didn't notice. I'd leave it alone.

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    Agreed. I would leave it alone. If the situation ever arises again...honestly, I do not know what I would do.

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    Well, it's also important to protect your furniture. Am I right in thinking that only the blanket got wet, because obviously the smell will go away on its own. If he comes to stay again, offering him a diaper would likely really embarrass him and perhaps raise awkward questions. You might invest in a washable bed pad (might as well get one for yourself, too) like what Northshore sells here and offer it to him quietly before he falls asleep. If he asks, say that you have it because you wet sometimes, too. You may even generate a little male bonding.

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    If he sleeps over again it's a good idea to ask him about it, but instead of giving him a diaper maybe lay down some puppy pads or a plastic sheet.

    For urine smell on your couch use peroxide to eat away at the urine particles. But test this on a small inconspicuous area first to make sure it wont bleach the couch.

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    Quote Originally Posted by depends4me View Post
    obviously the smell will go away on its own
    Urea isn't known for quickly going away on its own. Urea in solution is easy to clean up. Once it dries, the urea (and other stuff left behind when the water leaves) crystalizes, and THAT is NOT water-soluable. It's one of the more challenging things to return to solution. Urea itself isn't too smelly thankfully.... but if it's got something in there intended to stink (like cat piss) then you have a problem. The smell goes away until it gets wet or physically moved. That atomizes little bits off and back into the air and you smell it. Cat pee is very hard to get rid of to where you can't smell it anymore.

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    I'm for not confronting.

    Regarding the urine smell, go to just about any pet store and buy a bottle of "Nature's Miracle" spray. It's basically an enzyme for breaking down pet messes and eliminating their odors. Our son once wet his bed without a mattress protector. We did our best to dry it, but of course there was still quite a smell. We always have some of this Nature's Miracle stuff around in case of pet accidents, and have discovered (through incidents like that) that it works quite well on human messes too!

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    Ahh .. this actually happened to me once at a friends house ... me being the one who wet their couch. In my case though ... it was after a party and everyone knew I wet the couch .... so wasn't hidden or anything like that. He thought it was due to the night of drinking, but of course with me having a bed wetting problem ... it really could have easily just been that. He didn't mind too much, and he felt it was more of an achievement to have gotten me drunk enough for me to wet myself.

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    If you think he might stay over again get an inflatable air mattress "so he'll be more comfortable".

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    You can offer something in private, don't do it with friends around though. An air mattress can be an option to include as well.

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