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    Hello all just finishing a 4 day training conference, in an exclusive facility.
    The Fact that I had never been here before, I was to worried about disposal of used diapers so I didn't bring any. I was also afraid of checking my bag with diapers in it. Usually when I fly, I am traveling international and I must be on some sort of list. My bags seem to be inspected without fail.
    So this is the longest I have gone without since I came out to my wife a few months ago.
    The first few days were ok, and even thinking why would I feel the need for them. And to the point of a kind of a purge cycle. Sort of disgusted that I even use them.
    Well I am heading home today, and after what I know will be a long sh_ty flight. All I can think about is seeing my lovely wife, taking a shower and getting into a diaper.

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    I don't wear every night with my wife, but when I travel for business I always pack diapers.

    I normally travel with only hand baggage and no one has said anything so far. Of course, I'm sure there will be a first time!

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    I've taken diapers with me the last several times I've flown. Most go in my checked bag, and 2-3 go in my carry-on so I can change at the layover and then at the destination.

    Usually I'll stuff my laptop + laptop bag inside my checked baggage just so I don't have 2 carry-ons, which always triggers a search (there'd always be a card from TSA when I unpacked). I almost always semi-hide the diapers by folding them up inside other clothing, but last time I flew I packed them on top of everything. When I unpacked, there was no TSA card for the first time in 5 or 6 trips. I noticed a few days later though there was one inside my laptop bag in one of the innermost unused pockets with the date of that flight on it. There's no way whoever searched my bag didn't see the diapers, so I wonder if they may have been embarrassed such that they put the "hey we searched your bag" card somewhere where they hoped no one would see it.

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    The bag checkers aren't going to even bat an eye at looking at your diapers. For disposal, I bring some plastic bags and tie them up and leave them in/next to the regular trash.

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