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Thread: I don't want to hide my stuff anymore!

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    Default I don't want to hide my stuff anymore!

    I am content with the fact I can leave my toys out in the open but I don't want to hide my diapers, pacifier and baby toys anymore. I don't think it would worth it but if only I could leave my pacifier out on my shelve of something, even if I hide my diapers in plain sight but not in the way, e.i in a cupboard or under or on a shelf. I still live with my brother and dad and they wouldn't be best pleased if they saw it. What are the odds of finding it? I just doesn't feel natural for my stuff to be shoved under my bed and then rummaging through it and making a mess of my wardrobe and spending ages trying to hide it, if I leave my stuff to change my diaper on the bed and if I get called downstairs, I might run a risk, but I am being too cautious? Should I loosen up a bit? How can I start doing so without being frightened of being found out?

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    Have you ever considered putting your diapers in your dresser? I recently placed two diapers in my "underwear" drawer because for the past 45 days diapers have been my underwear. As long as you do your own laundry, your father and brother should not see them.

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    I still have lots of my underwear but I may give it a whirl

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    I too still have lots of underwear, but moved them to one side and put diapers on the other side. It made mybtransition to 24/7 much easier knowing that my underwear drawer had my diapers in it.

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    I don't know if this is a helpful idea at all but if you leave your paci out on a shelf and someone sees it, you have said in the past that they are aware that you like playing with toys and the like, just tell them you bought it as a decoration and that you like the way it looks. When I first bought some baby stuff years and years ago when one of my friends found it I told her I was starting a little collection for when I one day had a baby and she accepted that immediately not even a weird look if I'm remembering correctly it even started a conversation about how it's a good idea because things for babies are so expensive. Use the fact that you are female to your advantage.

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    I am way too young to be thinking about having a baby!

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    I was only 19 when this happened, you don't actually have to be thinking about it, just say you are! I am never having kids but I still said it and it got me out of a potentially sticky situation.

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    I used that one when I was 14! I told my host family I was saving things for when I had a baby.. They are hope chests, thats what they are called.. my adoptive family found out and my nan even sent me money towards buying stuff towards it saying she remembers when she had one.. look up hope chests it 100% works! :P

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    Can I just say I like collecting pacifiers because they are cute?

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    You know better than us how your family are going to respond, but that sounds like a perfectly good reason to me. Maybe just be ready to explain if they do think its a little strange. I figure as long as you act calm like its not a big deal, they'll have no reason to worry about it.

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