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    I hate it when I have my pacifie in my mouth on 3rd floor room and somebody walks past my window. I think they can see. Here I am enjoying a suck and I end up chucking it across the room because "it's not socially acceptable to suck a dummy!"

    It's like somebody yanked it out of my mouth and threw it in the bin and said "no you can't have it!"

    Why does society hate an harmless object that could potentionally make us happier and less likely to smoke, it could even be a fashion item for gods sake!

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    Interestingly you could say that pacifiers were a bit of a fashion item during the short lived rave scene when people used them to stop grinding their teeth while taking molly, really quite a different reason than your own of course.

    Personally I don't think you should worry about what strangers think of you. They're certainly not going to bother you about it and I'd doubt anyone would look down on it. At worst someone might mention "this strange thing they saw earlier" to friends in casual conversation which will be forgotten before the day's over. Of course while it is a little strange, like you mentioned there's not a thing in the world wrong with it.

    But if it does bother you that people can see you, here's a couple of helpful tips. If it's dark outside and you've got a bright light on in your room its very easy to see inside, like looking into a fish tank or a tv screen. If the rooms dimly lit and its bright outside, then it's very hard to see what's going on from outside and surely no one will notice your paci. Also, the old rule of line of sight applies. If you can't see them, they can't see you. Back away from the window or pull the curtain over a bit and it'll be private as can be.

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