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    Xpmedical has the iD slip on sale right now. It's come out to be a little over a dollar a diaper. I'm curious how these compare with a Tena slip or other non abdl brands. Are they loud or overly thick? I typically would wear these during they day are they discrete enough to wear to an office.? Of course everyone's comfort level is different. I'm not as concerned as much about absorbency.

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    I bought a pack of the ID Slips a few weeks ago, and they're quite absorbent and well made. Not quite the capacity of a Dry 24/7 or a "4" level diaper, I think, but not far from it. (I'm annoyed that Gary's testing page hasn't been updated in a while.) Where they fail for me is noise and a cement-like quality to the padding. I'm not as well-traveled as some, but this is by far the noisiest diaper I have ever worn! I don't know if it's even possible to wear enough clothing over them to make them quiet, although I haven't tried plastic pants. Also if you wet while sitting, the padding seems to take on the flatness of the chair/floor/etc. which then makes them a bit difficult for walking.

    For night and around the house, I think they're terrific, but I would think three or four times before wearing them in an intimate setting. I'm curious if others agree.
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    if you're referring to these,

    I got several cases recently. I've gone to them for my daytime wear, following the loss of snuggies regulars. Padding is thicker, capacity is greater, crotch is wider, plastic shell is MUCH louder. Look, feel, and sound of diaper is great, perfectly fits my picture of a diaper. I tried wearing SDKs to work and found they were just a little too thick - these seem to just be on the other side of that fence. No front elastic unfortunately, and a fair amount of "dead plastic" in the front and back. Also I seem to be having issues with the elastic in the leak guards escaping and leaving me with a bare band of elastic pulling up on my skin and irritating it. I had the same problem with northshore's new diapers (clothlike) - given how similar they are, I assume they're made on the same machine, using the same materials, and that would explain them having the same issue. They need to change whatever adhesive they're using to secure that band into the leak guard. (or use more of it)

    But I think I can accept the occasional escaped elastic in the deal. The low price makes them a bargain for the rest of the features.

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    They are great for the price, the medium runs quite small and fits but barely and has a rather low tide however and, it seems the large would be too big.

    Its a great diaper at that price point. Just the size issue might not get me to buy again. If it were a bit taller, I'd have a new daytime diaper. It holds a couple of good wettings from me. I haven't had a problem with leaks either. The size gap is just way too huge.

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    iD slip quartro v2 have one on now. it's not bad at all. I kinda like it.

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    The iD Slip PE from XP Medical is currently my go to diaper. They are crinkly, but are undetectable with the right clothing choice. If I'm wearing out, I'll wear boxer briefs with shorts or noise at all.

    They are priced very well for what you get. Standing leak guards, no clumping, good absorbency, and decent thickness. Great for everyday (or night) wearing!

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