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Thread: Wearing random diaper in the shower

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    Default Wearing random diaper in the shower

    I'll only do this with a diaper that I'm not so fond of....

    But won't do this in the bath.
    As once tried it in the bath, diaper exploded and was gel all in the bath.
    Almost clogged the drain up, if there wasn't a filter mesh thing over the drain when the water went out...

    Was SO hard to clean up, luckily I got a wet and dry vac vacuum cleaner, so sucked it all up, then bagged it.

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    I wore a diaper in the show once and didn't like it very much, it became extremely heavy and started to fall off. So I took it off and finished showering and put on a dry diaper after.

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    Wearing a cloth diaper in the shower works really well. The cotton loves it and so do I.

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