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    Default Moving out.

    Well I've applied for more jobs, hopefully I get something I'm so desperate and depressed, on the bright side once I get my own house I can start to transition and be myself, and wear my NAPPIES 24/7 without a moments hesitation.

    I know this might be odd, but I'm doing UNI as well though OUA, It's mostly done online It's legitimate, I'm doing the bachelor of information technology. It's a government approved course cheaper than that crappy diploma I was doing.

    Once I move out, I don't give two shits if someone sees me wearing diapers, I've found them to be very convenient.

    I've already kind of been wearing 24/7 and to bed and have been feeling mentally better from it, I really want to start letting my inner girl out, sick of masking my true gender, it's driving me mental.

    On the bright side, I will get government assistance which should cover the rent, yay!

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    Like some others, I happened to read your "Update Situation" post first and got really worried, but then started putting everything in chronological order. Living at home sounds like a truly toxic environment, so I'm exceedingly happy for you! Are you moving imminently? There have been times when I've felt depressed and aimless, but these stretches always end with me saying, "you've a survivor" and moving forward. Then typically a few days later later, something really good happens. It appears you're over the hump now, too.

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