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Thread: Did I just wet the bed?!?

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    Default Did I just wet the bed?!?

    So, it's not like I'm trying to become a bed wetter, but I've been sleeping in diapers the past coulple of nights. This morning I woke up and the wetness indecator was blue!!! Could it be sweat? I've never wet the bed in my life, now I'm nervous that I'm a real bed wetter!

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    Sure - it could be sweat. That really depends on what kind of diaper you are wearing. Some of the lower grade brands are real sensitive to wetness and will change color based on the sweat absorbed by your diaper overnight. If you are using a higher quality diaper, chances are they will not change color because of sweat. I wear Abena M4 and live in is hot here...but my diapers do not change colors when I'm sweating...they become very uncomfortable though.

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    It is possible but as welostme said it depends on what diaper you're wearing if your wearing a cheaper grade diapers are more sensitive to absorbing sweat than a higher grade diaper .

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    Even if you are sure it's not sweat, don't panic. It can happen to everyone occasionally. If you don't have issues on a regular basis then it is nothing to worry about. I managed to make it work so that I will wet the bed only when I have a diaper on and only if I prepare myself for it. If your body knows to wet while you are padded only, consider yourself lucky. There are many on this forum and others who wish they could control this.

    And stressing about it could make it into a real problem, trust me.

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    Diapers with a wetness indicator are almost always discolored by long wear (like overnight). If you're really curious, you should be able to tell the difference between urine and sweat without getting too involved.

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