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    So any other crinkle butts here Plat MTG?

    I run a lot of Black+Anything.

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    I'm a pretty big player of MtG. I main with an B/G Infect deck

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    I'd like to, but since my last move I don't really have anyone to play with/against. On the other hand, I've been playing pretty much since revised dropped.

    Far as decks go, the ones I've currently got assembled are a black/green infect speed, blue/black megrim/underworld dreams, and a red/white burn/buff.

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    I gotta blue/black infect, though I don't run it often since it means I quickly get ganged up on lol

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    I Played back in high school. I'm still not sure what happened to my collection it got lost somewhere in a shuffle of moving

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    I play, but mostly EDH and limited. My two decks are G/R Elemental Tribal (Omnath) and U/W control Land Tribal (Noyan Dar). Getting ready to build two more soon, B/G spider tribal and R/B Vampire Tribal.

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    Last played in about 2003, when I graduated from high school and then had nowhere to play and no one to play with. Still have all my stuff.

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    I used to.. kamigawa and mirodin era.. other than that it got too expensive.. still have my cards but can't really compete with newer blocks..

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    I found my B/G multiplayer deck the other day: nothing like using Herald of Leshrac to feed Zuran Orb . . . .

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    I run a sliver deck with the three big slivers in it, as well as some assorted broken cards that wont let the game end till i win. its not a fun deck to play against, i would say its geared more towards 3-4 person games.

    my favorite type of deck however is a milling deck!!
    does anyone hate to play against milling decks? does it drive you crazy?
    if so..i'd love to play you =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Traemo View Post
    I found my B/G multiplayer deck the other day: nothing like using Herald of Leshrac to feed Zuran Orb . . . .
    HoL is from my favorite block, the ice age/cold snap series. ABSOLUTE FAVORITE

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