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Thread: First Colonoscopy, what should I expect?

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    Default First Colonoscopy, what should I expect?

    Hello. So, I have a colonoscopy scheduled for the 26th of September, but I'm wondering what I should expect for the preparation, the actual procedure, and how I'd expect to be feeling post-procedure. Does anyone have any insight on how it works, and is there any advice you could spare based on your past experiences?

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    From what I've read, you're almost certain to get sedated. And the only thing you might worry about is the preparation, which consists of drinking some very yucky stuff to empty yourself completely one day in advance.

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    While I haven't had this procedure myself before, I will ask this - Have you had any experience with anal toys before? Butt plugs, prostate massagers and the like? Unless you have asked to be heavily sedated for the procedure (which I don't advise unless you are VERY nervous, as you will feel worse afterwards) then it will help if you are used to the feeling of something being inserted and knowing how to try and keep the right muscles relaxed so its not too painful/uncomfortable.

    I'm sure someone will be along soon who has actually got the experience to tell you exactly what to expect though.

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    Nope, I haven't had any experience with anal toys of any kind, and that's probably why the rectal examination felt so uncomfortable. I was also told it's likely I'll be sedated, and that's one of the main things that had me nervous, as I've never been put under before. Honestly was surprised that I was told I'd have to get this procedure done since I'm only 19, but some of the symptoms I've been having made this a necessary examination.

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    Interestingly, I also had a colonoscopy when I was 19. As odd as it sounds, the most difficult part of the procedure is the preparation. You have to clean your system completely out for 1-2 days prior, depending on the strength of laxatives they give you. You also get put on a "liquid" diet during the prep, where you can only have Jello, and soup broth for the most part, but pretty much any liquid that you want.

    Unfortunately you're going to need to be near by a bathroom the whole time you're doing the preparation, as the urge to go will often come on very fast, and frequently. By the time I was done, there was only clear liquid left when I was going to the bathroom.

    I actually wore a pull up during my prep, just in case. I don't know if I'd actually recommend a tape on diaper for that, unless you like using it for number 2, as even the amount of time to undo, or pull down a tape on at least for me would have been too much a couple of times.

    I've only had one colonoscopy, but several family members have also had them also, as there's a family history of colon cancer. They pretty much all agree that the prep is the hardest part.

    I was panic stricken for my colonoscopy, the idea of them shoving something up there was, well just not good. They can sedate you more, to the point where you're more less out for the entire procedure if need be.

    During mine I was in and out. In all honesty, during the procedure itself I found it more humorous than anything. I was on Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) though. I remember watching the screen that they had the camera on and laughing to myself because I was looking up my own ass.

    In the moment, the hose up there wasn't nearly as bothersome as I would have thought it would be. You can definitely feel it, especially when they move it around, but for the most part the worst of it was the fear of them first inserting it, and my system wanting to basically crap the hose out. Neither actually caused any issues though, just felt awkward.

    Afterwards I was on oxygen for probably about 30-60 minutes. They came and told me that I don't have cancer, Chron's disease, or anything else and then my Mom drove me home. Make sure you have a ride, as you will still be too sedated to drive. I was completely recovered by the next day, no soreness or anything. But some people still feel a little poor for a couple days after. The prep, and the sedatives put your system through a fair bit.

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    Wear a pull up for the clean out prep and get some wet wipes. Don't worry about getting too clean back there each time because you will be going again in a few minutes. If you try to get completely clean every time you will rub yourself raw.

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    The prep is the worst of it. The biggest issue I had post procedure was "Can I eat now?...Can I get a cup of coffee?"

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    What has been posted is correct.

    The prep sucks. Get a good book and set a TV up in front of the toilet. You will be there most of the night.

    For me, once they gave me the versaid , I was out in under a minute and the next thing I knew someone was saying my name and telling me to breath deeply.

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    Thanks for the advice everyone, I greatly appreciate it. One more thing, though: would I be able to go to sleep without having to worry about an accident or would I just be in the bathroom for literally the whole night during the prep?

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    I had the procedure done without anesthesia because I showed up at the hospital, all preped, with no ride home. They wouldn't put me under unless I had a ride. So, thinking I never wanted to go through the prep again, I chose to go ahead without anesthesia. No big deal. There was only a little bit of pain, especially when it went around corners. Because the procedure was done laying on my back, I was able to watch the whole thing on the monitor.

    I would advise that you bring along a change of shorts because you may have some leakage after the procedure, while you're in the recovery room.

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