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Thread: Hello Diaperbutts!

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    Default Hello Diaperbutts!

    Hello from Wyo. I'm a 30-something dad of (almost) 4. Been wearing diapers occasionally for fun or convenience for about 14 years, with an interest going way back. Have also been part of the furry fandom for a long time and have gotten to know a lot of good diaperfurs over the years. I've been amazed at how nice so many people within this "weird" fetish have been.

    Otherwise I enjoy outdoors stuff...hiking, backpacking, photography, road trips, etc.

    Thought I'd join to get a bit more involved in discussions about all this stuff. Feel free to talk to me!

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    Hello Zinderg and welcome to the group.

    Very nice introduction.


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    Alas! My butt is presently diaperless!

    I'll answer anyway.

    Welcome aboard, Zinderg, from another dad, outdoorsman, photog, and videog! (Pretty sure that last one's not a real term, but whatever.) We're indeed a weird group, and always glad for infusions of fresh weirdness. I hope you enjoy the place!

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    I have been here a week. It sure has been nice to know how many there are of us

    - one diaperbutt

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    Hey another 30 something foxy with thick undies for convenience Welcome to the site hope you can find what you're looking for in this community,

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    Hi Zinderg, like you I am in my mid-late 30's and have been wearing diapers for quite some time now although in my case I didn't choose this way of life although I have come to accept it and even cherish it as when I am in diapers I am at my most relaxed infact I am wearing diapers right now whilst I write my reply to you for me diapers are away of life and
    and I wouldn't have I any other way as where I am in them all my worries and stresses vanish into thin air so to speak of because I am like the child I once was again and I have my blissful hours of me time which is important because I can just be myself and not have to constantly jump through hoops and be part of the adult world so to say.

    I find wearing diapers and a shirt the most liberating part of my young life at nights because I get the bed sleep that I have had in years I don't mind the fact that I will most probably be I diapers for the rest of my life due to certain disabilities and pycalogical reasons and to this end I have begun un potty training myself so I don't have to fight my body anymore as its pretty obvious that I should never have been traind out of diapers in the first-place although I am not blaming my pearents for that as they did the bed they possibly could to make me a normal person and I thank them for that.

    The truth is that having since rediscoverd how nice it is to wear diapers I will never go back to not wearing them as I have adopted them as a part of my life and even if it makes me look like a baby so what I don't care about what other people might think as my life is my own to live and not theirs and it's because of the fact I am a self-confessed rebel that I am who I am today I might be stubborn but I believe if something is not causing a problem or violating any laws then why be judged?.

    I don't like other people telling me what to do as I like to live life without rules as long as I am not hurting anyone and I will continue to live my life that way until I die as I am a rebel for a cause as they say and I am not ashamed to say that I am this way about a lot of things in life because I am highly autistic and sometimes am a genius and at other times a rebel in equal amounts of my pycalogical make up.

    And no I don't consider you weird for having simillar interests to me I hate to call them fettishes as thats a negitive stigma right there and I don't believe in subjection of stigmas in society although this is probably the rebel in my I spoke of earlier if you ever need a friend who understands what you are going through then I will support you 100% every time, I am also a supporter of a website called on this website you can find other people like ourselves who are battling the stigma surrounding adults in diapers.

    Yours sincerely


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