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    What can be used as matress protection(how can u make your own matress protection)?

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    Ideally, something like one of these. They're waterproof, and still thin. You can get similar things at retail stores that sell bedding.

    I'd recommend a waterproof mattress pad regardless of whether a person wears diapers or not, because it also prevents other things like body oils and sweat from getting into the mattress. And if you even drink in bed, it would also protect against any accidentally spilled liquids. Drinking and sleeping is still legal, as far as I know.

    As far as making your own, you could try a sheet of plastic directly on top of the mattress, with a regular mattress pad on top, beneath the sheets. You'll want to make sure the plastic doesn't get dislodged over time, so you may have to check and reposition it from time to time.

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    You should be able to buy a plastic mattress protector at your local Wallyworld, Target, Kmart etc.

    mattress protector - Google Product Search

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    A shower curtian makes an easy to get waterproof mattress cover. You will need a pad or several sheets over it or it will be hot & sticky. I now have a waterproof mattress pad from Wallyworld but have to keep a regular one over it so its confortable.

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    When I wet the bed, I had one that lasted a really long time. It did have a crinkling type sound, but I grew used to it. I have no clue where I got it though. I'm sure now they have much quieter ones.

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    As well a thin tarp of some kind, with an elasticated mattress cover to hold it in place makes for a cheap fix. Tarps can be purchased in many different lengths and widths and are widely available.

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    I don't use a plastic covering but my mattress came with a liquid-resistant coating over the cloth outside on one side. Haven't wet the bed (to the point beyond which my diaper could hold it) so I don't know if it is really effective or not.

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    In my experience currently the most comfortable mattress protector is also the most effective.

    Go to the website for Secure Products, makers of adult disposables, then scroll to bedding.

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    any piece of water-proof material really. when i was bedwetting, my dad got some industrial plastic bags for my bed; they were very thick and noisy.
    i've used the Pampers' bed-mats and found them to be okay plus, it saves having to launder your sheets.

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    I sleep, (yeah, right, if you can call it that), in a recliner because of my back, and when I first started to have to wear diapers, I would use a regular mattress pad. After peeing on my chair a few times because the disposable diapers, Depends, leaked, my wife bought me a couple of the normal mattress pads to protect the chair with.

    Now that I've switched to using thick cloth diapers and plastic pants, I don't have any leaks anymore, and I've been able to do away with the pads.

    But you can make one out of a trash bag if you need one in a hurry. It's cheap, but effective.

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