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    I do believe that one of the greatest feelings ever is putting on a diaper after getting out of the shower or a bath. The feeling of a dry diaper on clean skin is just amazing.

    Just thought I'd share that thought.

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    I totally agree (smile) I like our the nappy sides sticks to your skin so you get a nice fit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bobbilly View Post
    I totally agree (smile) I like our the nappy sides sticks to your skin so you get a nice fit.
    I don't like it so much when my diaper sticks to my skin, especially the unpadded plastic.

    But I'll go towel off and then sit in front of a box fan to finish drying my skin off completely, then hit the powder and the padding, and yes that's a great feeling

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    There's that point after a shower where your skin is no longer wet, but still clammy from the steam. I tend to slip on a belted undergarment for ~15 minutes while I shave, pack a lunch, etc. to let my skin acclimate, and then put on my day diaper.

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    Usually if I plan to pad up after a shower, I have to towel dry myself to the point where I'm sick of it. But once I get that diaper on... ^^

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    I love the feeling of clean skin especially after being in a wet diaper all night. I scrub my skin too remove absorbed urine because urine is irritating. Then I apply ointment to the sore areas from diaper rash, and apply a clean, dry diaper. It just makes me feel so comfortable

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    Proper hygiene is so important and I would never pad up without first showering. But I do understand those that need to wear for medical reasons and can't always do so. I good wipe down with moist wipes can do the trick too. But yes, nothing beats starting out clean from a shower.

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