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Thread: Incontinence wet wipes. False Economy?

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    Default Incontinence wet wipes. False Economy?

    I need some help please.

    I'm not an adult baby so me using baby wipes are out the question. I like the smell of proper clinical incontinence wipes so always go for the TENA Wet Wipes because they make me smell incontinent and the scent lingers. I worked out today i'm going through a packet a day which costs roughly 4.65 a day x 7 = 32 a week x 4 = 128 a month. There are are 48 individual wipes in a package

    Doing some checking...

    Incontinence Care Wipes are 1.69 a day x 7 = 11.83 x 4 = 47 a month.. And the cool thing is they say Incontinence Wipes on the package... Oh and there are only 25 individual wipes in the packet but they are slightly larger.

    Do you think I should switch even though I might be compromising on the scent do you think the Tena Wipes are a false economy?
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    To be honest, it all comes down to how much the scent is worth to you. Only you can answer that. But seriously? 48 wipes a day? How do you manage to go through so many? And why is using baby wipes out of the question? They're wet wipes. Exactly who they are targeted at is pretty irrelevant. I don't use baby wipes because I'm an AB, but because they are cheap and freely available everywhere.

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    I have two/three small bowel movements a day after meals and easily use 48 wipes a day. I don't like baby wipes, don't like the smell, they are small and they're not clinical and don't make me feel incontinent.

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    Clearly the scent is very important to you, which kind of makes the cost issue moot. I certainly wouldn't pay that kind of money for wipes, but that's just me.

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    I would say switching to the cheaper alternative is the better option.

    Personally, I would still prefer baby wipes, even for non-ABs.
    I even leave my baby wipes in the bathroom for all my guests to use as well. They do a much nicer job at clean-up than traditional TP.
    And there's non-scented variants if the smell is a big turn off.
    They might be smaller, but they're plenty big for adult use, and most of them are very strong and resistant to tearing.

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    I don't really have an AB side but I do use Huggies wipes. When the big boxes of them are on special offer then they come out at about 0.60 a pack. They are the thickest wipes I have come across which is useful for number twos and I buy the pure ones which don't have any scent to them.

    Perhaps it might be an idea to use them to clean up with and then use a Tena wipe for the last wipe so you still have the scent you like at a fraction of the cost.

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    I'm still surprised by the 48 wipes per day. As adult wipes they should be plenty big, and while you may in truth have more experience with this than me, I hope you're, err, cleaning your backside with the nappy as you remove it? That can make a big difference in wipe count.

    As for me, I am very content with Wal-Mart's store brand, which they curiously rebranded just a few years ago from Baby Wipes to "Everyday Clean", including Adult Bottoms:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wipes must be pretty integral to your enjoyment. There's no way I'd be paying for 48 wipes a day baby or adult. Washcloths would be my go-to for home changes.

    If money is a concern, I'd review your clean-up process. I can't recall the last change that took more than 10 baby wipes and it's generally 3-4. There are unscented baby wipes but the scent you're getting is obviously important.

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    Well there's pampers wipes I use at the moment that smell of aloe vera. 99p for 100 in a pack from my local chenist.

    If you don't like scented wipes and prefer a longer wipe, there's things like wet wipes on a roll.

    And 48 wipes a day is CRAZY, you MUST be sitting in the mess repeatively or something,lol.

    When I rarelly mess diapers I use approx 15-20 wipes if I do something naughty and sit in it. *blushes*
    But then are only 99p for a pack of 100 wipes!!!

    Several paper towels and wash mousse(replaces soap and water) would be a cheaper and cleaner alternative to wipes for very frequent messing.

    Oh and go buy some disposable gloves(box of 100 is only like 5 on ebay ), makes cleaning up mess ALOT easier.

    MOST of it can be done with toilet paper with gloved hands, a few wipes, then shower or bath with strong smelling shower gel.

    Why are you messing THAT much each day?
    You need to watch what your eating/drinking, as obviously your allergic to something, eg:dairy.

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    I buy six packs at Sams Club here in the US. There's definitely an advantage for me to the larger size wipe. Amusingly I can get 6 packages at Sams for about what one package costs at Walgreens.

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