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Thread: Just Poking Around a Little...

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    Default Just Poking Around a Little...

    Hello there people.

    My name is Percy (my username is a nom de plume, see), I'm in my early forties and my socialising skills are second-to-none (Mummy is suing autism for slander because I'm not, honest).

    I used to be around a bit, but things changed.
    ADISC changed, I changed, my nappy got changed, the world changed...
    I'm sure when I left the Spice Girls were still cool

    What have I missed? Someone fill me in? Or just say Hi

    I like poetry, writing, swimming, nappies, TV, film, certain kinds of music (the right kind, obviously), humour, sarcasm (not autistic, remember), parentheses and animals.

    So if you're Adam Peaty, in an ID Slip, who enjoys wittily discussing the brilliance of Lionel Ritchie's back-catalogue in rhyme and brackets, MARRY ME!!

    Yours Wonderfully,

    I. Diot

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    Welcome back. I don't really know what changed, sinceramente I'm new here.
    Your changings comentários made me laugh a bit, in the street. But you're right. Everything( or almost) is changings. Some for the better, some for the worst.
    That's life. Both fortunately, and not

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    Quote Originally Posted by egor View Post
    Hello Percy and welcome back.

    Hullo egor. Howzit? What a terrifying pussy you possesss!

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    Hello Mr Percy Superman! I remember you! Everything and nothing has changed here. And no need to worry -- dogboy's pretty good at fending off ferocious felines! How ya been?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tiny View Post
    Hello Mr Percy Superman! I remember you! Everything and nothing has changed here. And no need to worry -- dogboy's pretty good at fending off ferocious felines! How ya been?
    Hello teeny-tiny! (I must remember to ask you how you came by such a nickname... It sounds rather unfortunate.)

    Ah, it is as I suspected, then - certainly in my brief exploration of the forum, there seems very little difference. Which is perhaps for the best. If it were a brand-spanking, shiny ADISC 2.0 I should likely be affronted by the newness of it all and take my leave!

    I've been well, I suppose! Getting to grips with demons (real ones and metaphorical ones) and learning how to pretend to be an adult. Apparently everyone's doing it - why didn't someone tell me!?

    How are you, Mr. Tiny?

    P.S dogboy is the biggest pussycat, so he'd be useless.

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    HI DanDan and I do remember you. I would say the only thing that really changed is that someone ground up Moo into hamburger meat and sold him to McDonalds, so watch what you eat!

    edit: Haha....I posted before I saw your last reply. Okay, I'm turning the dogs loose on you! Well yeah, of course they're plushies, but they are fierce....honest.

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    Hi Percy it's nice to meet you I'm Brian and as you can see by my user name I love I'd slips however I do not know the artist you named

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    Hello there and welcome back,
    I think you're good person for talking, I will send you message soon.

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