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Thread: Switched over to linux.

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    Default Switched over to linux.

    Well I finally did it and switched over to GNU/Linux, I'm using Kubuntu (It's ubuntu + kde essentially)

    I've been using Windows 10 in vmware lately, and have been gaming on that, GPU pass through is real awesome, eh there is some noticeable lag, but I can play most games which is a plus :P

    Well, that's it really, I'm using LUKs and I'm having fun with it, much more smoother, and sorted out the freezing issues, It's due to a kernel bug and can be fixed easily.

    I should add, I do usually use linux on a daily basis, mostly in VMs, but I think it's best if I Just stay with it as a main OS.

    I wasn't expecting it to be so epic, I was assuming skyrim wouldn't even run but it does, I'm gonna try out GTA V on it later.

    (dammit runs crap) looks like I'll dual boot.
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    I've been using GNU/Linux for my job (developer, Ubuntu since that's all my company supports) and at home (Fedora) for development, browsing, photography, etc. I haven't used a Windows PC in a while except in VMs at work for things like Skype for Business and Visual Studio.

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    I usually only use Linux " Kali " for what it is intended for :P But from learning python and coding in general it really has helped me expand my knowledge. But personally I just stick to using a windows machine as its alot easier for what I do " Gaming, Graphic Design and Video Editing "

    But the whole aspect of Linux is really great and I am stoked that I can use it

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    I tried lots of Linux distros until one "clicked". I love Arch Linux because you set up the system yourself, so it's really quick and you can do whatever you want with it thanks to the great documentation.

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    If you have Windows 10 the Anniversary Update allows you to install a bash shell inside of Windows that has Ubuntu's aptitude package manager. It's much less overhead than having to dual boot, and anything that is compiled for Ubuntu Linux command line should work in it, (vim, python, git, ssh, gcc, etc.). Here's an article with more info on it, including how to set it up(and yes every part is necessary, but don't worry if you accidentally do the steps out of order):
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    I have the Ubuntu shell on my Windows 10 and it is cool but slightly limited since it is only a shell and I like to have X even if it's just to have multiple terminals. If I am working in Linux I prefer my Xubuntu ( Ubuntu with the XFCE desktop) VM and often use VNC for access. I also like CentOS for server use.

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