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    Question Tena Men's Underwear

    Has anyone tried the Tena men's underwear? I used the older unisex ones and they were not good. They would leak right out the top. I wonder if these are okay for day time use.

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    Yes. I have tried the ones you can buy at CVS. I did not like them. I only wear pull-ons for playing sports, otherwise they are not absorbant enough for me for everyday use. Plus, the Tenas just didn't fit me well. However, everyone is different.

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    I was wondering about the new gender specific one. I ordered a sample of the men's ones yesterday, I will post what I think when I get them.

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    I have purchased both the new Depend and the Tena men's underware. They both worked well at the gym. The tena runs small so go one size up, and the Depend runs large so go a size down. The Tena looks more like underware for the gym though.

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    How on earth do you leak out of the TOP of a diaper?

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