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    Hey guys. I'm a freshman in college now, and I really want to binge right now. But I can't... I'm going to school in Virginia, but live in New Jersey, so weekends aren't options either. I have a roommate, so I don't have enough privacy.. I was just wondering what you guys thought I could do low key. Something incredibly easy to hide, or something that doesn't seem directly abnormal. Any ideas? Thank you!

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    If you have your own vehicle, you can keep your stuff in your car. Otherwise, use towels stuffed in a trash bag.

    You should also have enough trust with your roommate to not go through your things in your room. Get some sort of large, opaque container. That you can keep in your closet. Then put things on top of it. You can also put some other items in to like clothes on top of diapers and other paraphernalia. Use Fedex Offices and UPS Stores to accept your packages so you can control all of the aspects of purchasing diapers and ect.

    If you have to, put a lock on the closet door if you feel that you can't trust your roommate. Just think about it though, if he hasn't gone through your things already, why would he do it later when you have diapers?

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    I don't have a vehicle, and we one large walk in closet. I don't think he'll go through everything, but I don't know if it's incredibly fair to indulge so brazenly with him around. I'm just wondering if you guys have any ideas that might satisfy the feeling without going all out.

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    Something like Goodnites are the easiest to hide, but you certainly don't want them to be found. You also have to be small enough to fit in them. When I was in college, I could wear 28" pants and I weighed 135 lbs. I can still fit into them. Adult diapers are going to take up more space. Either way, you also have to be able to get rid of them without drawing suspicion.

    In my case, I waited until I could go home, but going to school in Princeton and living in Toms River, I only had an hour drive home. I also had a part time job back home so I came home every weekend. My bedroom was in my parent's attic as it was a Cape Cod house and I had the upstairs to myself.

    The other option if you have a car and some extra money is to rent a motel room for the night and go crazy.

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    It depends on how often your roommate is around. Diapers might be hard to hide and dispose of but you can still play with small baby toys (like teething rings and plastic keys) or pacifiers as long as they aren't around often.

    Another thing you can do is play online early development games in incognito when they're gone or asleep.

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    I actually managed to wear while staying in a room with 2 other guys and was not caught (in fact, I think the guy I was staying with wet the bed himself, as I could see some dark patches on his sheets when he woke up one morning and he changed the sheets on more than one occasion over the course of a week, go figure). Assuming you have a private bathroom, here's what you do. You shower, get out leaving the shower on and can apply any diaper you like, since tapes are easily covered by the sound of the shower. Otherwise, you can apply whatever in a bathroom stall or something. Keep your supplies limited and in a lockable trunk in an inconspicuous place. If anybody asks, it's some valuables- money, electronics, booze(you should not be drinking until you are an old fella like me though )whatever. They probably shouldn't care, and if they do, they You also need to figure out the best way to dispose of used ones. I would say it is best to do what you have to do, but be very careful. It only takes one misstep to let that secret out. Hopefully your roommate would understand but there is no guarantee.

    The best advice is to be selective with when you decide to indulge. If your roommate is there often, go somewhere else. Plan carefully and don't go overboard.

    Good luck my friend.

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