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Thread: Favorite music

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    Default Favorite music

    What is everyone's favorite type of music? I like techno, rock, and hip hop.

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    Prog Metal, Heavy Metal, and Classical.

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    Classic rock, some contemporary rock like Fun, Bruno Mars, etc., Jazz, New Age, some World music, some country, folk music and classical. I've had a goal for awhile to learn a lot of the major Romantic period piano pieces. I've learned several Chopin, Grieg, Mendelssohn and others.

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    Screamo,deathcore,death metal,black metal, reggae,dnb,hardtek,acid techno, electro house,electropop,dubstep,breakbeats.

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    Classic rock,punk,ska,ska-punk (or 3rd Wave Ska),Oldies,Dubstep,Electronica,some current pop and country.

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    I like most music...if it is real music. I appreciate the art, but a computer program and no instruments are a major issue in my book.

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    Classic rock, metal, J-pop, and most other music as long as it's not Country.

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