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    There is a lot of info here on thicker diapers. I am wondering what are available for thinner ones? Not so much for use, just for fun.

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    You likely won't find too many connoisseurs of the thin hospital-type brands here, but I regularly see Select and Asorb for sale at the local Salvation Army store. See

    to hopefully get started. I think anything you find that runs < .60 /brief falls into the novelty/one use category. But at ~ .80 /brief, the Tranquility ATN's are quite usable and excellent value. Hope that helps.

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    For thinner daytime diapers I prefer to use the Tranquility ATN.
    My second choice is the Total Dry Plus.

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    You should also think about wearability. Some thinner, cheaper diapers are more of a hassle to put on and to keep on. Pretty much you get what you pay for.

    I will recommend Plastic backed Kendall Wings, the tapes are good enough to stay stuck to the diaper and take a moderate wetting or two.

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