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Thread: Do you like medical looking nappies?

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    Default Do you like medical looking nappies?

    Although I like every nappy I have more of an attraction to medical looking ones especially purple ones, the more medical the better. I define myself as a incontinence wannabe. Do you like babish or medical looking nappies?

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    I prefer plain, white diapers like the ABU simples, Northsore, Dry 24/7 and Abena, although the Abenas technically do have print I guess. I also like molicare. The only printed diaper I like is the little paws for some reason. I am not AB at all, but the design appeals to me. I am wearing them right now.

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    Have tried AB nappies a few times to vary things but mostly not bothered by the print or colours. To me as long as they are plastic backed, comfortable and absorbent enough then I am happy.

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    My preference in order:

    1. plain white with a taping panel such as ABU Simple, MyDiaper Night.

    2. ABDL nappies with a printed taping panel (close second)

    3. ABDL nappies with all over prints and a taping panel (close third.)

    4. Plain white diapers without a taping panel but plastic backed.

    5. Medical looking diapers but still plastic backed, the more medical looking and more tapes the less I love them.

    6. Cloth diapers.

    7. Cloth like backed modern medical diapers... IMO not worth purchasing.

    8. Pull-ons. Guess I am not of that generation.

    So non medical preference... Guess I am the opposite!

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    I prefer the printed ones and the more girliness, the better. Of course, when I want to wear, I'll wear whatever is available!

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    I don't really practice the AB side of ABDL, so I have more of an affinity to plain medical diapers than anything else.

    Abena Abri-Forms rule. Gotta try them out in the future.

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    I don't like the medical look of tape diapers. I don't like how they write the size of the diaper (S, M, L, etc) rvtywhere on the diaper for instance. If it is plain white it is better.
    I like when diapers look more like underwear. That's why I prefer pull-ups.
    On the other side, I am not interested in AB diapers, first because I am not on the AB side and also because they look like artificial to me.
    However if they look more childish (like Goodnites) that's something I like.

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    I'm a DL so the printed AB diapers don't appeal to me. My fetish is more geared towards incontinence, so the plain versions or the medical diapers do appeal to me.

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    I quite like medical looking nappies but prefer abdl prints and plain white the best!!!

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