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Thread: What diapers do you use

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    Default What diapers do you use

    For Daytime And nighttime?

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    Night time
    Abu space or bambino or inspire +
    Day time
    Dry life forma care night , I'd maxi
    Abu cushies

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    ABU Space for daytime. Rearz Safari at night.
    This week. Next week i may change.

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    Always as night, rarely now during the day. Mainly wear ABU Simple, Space or SDKv2s though I do also like Fabines Panda and Teddy (think I am out of them ATM) and MyDiaper Night are fabulous just a touch expensive here for every night use.

    I will give any ABDL Diapers a try and haven't come across one that I have disliked even if they aren't all as absorbent as ABU.

    I have loved Kolibri Comslip all white plastic backed Diapers but can't really get them anymore.

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    Night time Tena slip maxi or alvita all in ones with plastic pants and day time tena comfort extra shaped pads with inco pants.

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    Right now Walgreens tape on diapers for the day. For night mostly an AIO or ABU space, little pass. Going to test ABU preschool for day because it is in the price range at the case level of a few other diapers.

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    If I'm around the house, I'll usually wear cloth diapers (+ pins, pull-on pants) day or night. My favorites are the prefolds from Changing Times, Baby Pants, and flats from Sweet Iris. I also enjoy makeshifting with cloth baby diapers.

    But I also like dispies, whether they're the actual baby kind (Pampers, Luvs) or the ABDL kind. I'm currently working through a bag of ABU Cushies v2. My favorite ABDL diapers were the cloth-backed Cushies, now discontinued. And, sadly, the new "Preschool" diaper really isn't any kind of replacement for it.

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    I wear the same diaper for daytime and nighttime use.

    Abena Abri-Form Premium M4

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