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    Some days I feel like I need to be placed in an adult day care. It just sucks having to depend on aides who don't get paid enough coming into my home everyday. Sometimes you don't know if they will show. It really just lacks structure

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    Even when I was working minimum wage jobs, next to people who would say "I dont get paid enough for this"

    my reaction has always been and continues to be that you have accepted this job, and so long as its your job you do it, and you do it right.

    how much you are paid should have nothing to do with it.

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    People call in all the time, or no show and shifts are open unfilled for years. And everyone complains about the pay. I depend on my caregivers for everything and when I am teamed with a skilled caregiver it really shows.

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    I have caregivers too because I'm in assisted living. I hate it too when staff complain about how they work 50 hour weeks and I still come out with more money then them a month being on benefits.

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    If I could raise the wages of my caregivers I would, but I don't have that authority. Only the agency can do that. And I know they lack the funds to raise wages considerably without additional funding. I sit on the agency board of directors, I see the books and I have spoken to the accountants that oversee the agency finances.

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