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Thread: Making diapers discreet at home

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    Red face Making diapers discreet at home

    Hey fellow ab/dl's ! I need some advice. I live with my family still but am 20 and have a debit card. I ordered some bambino diapers online and am extremely excited. But I have worn them before and know how comfy and thick they are. So my question for you guys would be how should I conceal them? I have absolutely no problem hiding them it's just that I would like your opinion on how to not make it obvious walking around the house. I am thinking about just wearing them in my room and at night. Any other suggestion?

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    Loose pants (to hide bulge ) on top of a tight underpants to hide crinkle long T shirt to cover any waist band showing
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    I would suggest a plain white onesie so it wouldn't peek out.

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    Thanks that's what I was thinking I don't like messing just mostly peeing. I have a pair of long pajamas that are really loose. Can I wear those and tight boxer briefs over my diaper?

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    I wear Abenas around my parents without a problem. I'll put two pairs of underwear overtop to control the crinkling (one size smaller than normal helps), and wear a long shirt, but I also have overalls and they keep everything quiet and covered. I have noticed my diapered behind is definitely fuller than usual, but I'm overweight so my butt's big to begin with and my parents have never said anything. :P

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    lol well lucky you. I am thin and like diapers that are bulky between my legs. I think these are great tips and hopefully I can walk around without waddling too much. Does anyone ever get called out about the dry bulk ?

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