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Thread: I love the smell of freshly opened adult nappies!

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    Default I love the smell of freshly opened adult nappies!

    It's no lovely! Am I alone?

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    bobbilly: the smell is amazing makes me want to wear forever.

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    I agree - the smell is wonderful and brings back all kinds of memories!

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    The title appeared as, "I love the smell of freshly opened Adult" and I had to laugh. I had a Dexter vision of some poor hapless bad guy, duck taped down to the stainless steel operating table, and watching as Dexter saws his chest and gut open! Yeah, I love that smell too, especially as Halloween approaches.

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    Yeah but give it a couple of days and that "freshly opened adult" could gag a maggot a smell only Dexter could love ( Dexter favorite movie line "I love the smell of decomp in the mornin, smells like victory")

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