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    Hi all,
    New here but the reason why I'm here is that couple years my and my girlfriend got together as daddy and little girl anyway she knew I was into nappies strongly... Anyway moving forward today things happen along the way which was my fault and I really regret what I did was extremely wrong of a bit of a comprise I gave up wearing nappies but as a nappy wearer the urges do come back after a while she asked me the other day do I miss wearing so I told her I did yes which was the new me opening up and talking to her about it ...Nothing was really said after that...but she messaged me saying when you wear I don't like the person you become because you hide things like a child and keeps things from me...
    She accepts that nappies are a part of my life tho....
    Thing is she loves me and wants to be with me forever but scared that I'll leave because she's not into nappies and I'll find someone else who is...

    Oh my fiancée surfers from paranoia

    Any advice?

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    Maybe sit down with her and have a long talk about how you don't intend on ever leaving and the diapers are just and extra part of yourself like a hobby.

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    @CalicoSky I have done in the past but she doesn't believe me.

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    This is certainly a sit down conversation.

    I would make sure that she knows that you are not going to leave...if that is in fact true...and if so, then she has nothing to worry about.
    She accepts the fact that diapers are a part of who you are and loves you enough to worry about you leaving; then I believe that all you have to do is reassure her that you love her and want to be with her.

    Good luck!

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    Welostme: When I do talk to her about it all she shuts down and I know that the only way to talk then is via text messages which we do but now I'm scared that if I want to wear again that she'll leave because I know she doesn't like me the person when wearing.

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    CalicoSky: I done that before in the past but she still thinks I'll leave because she's not into nappies.

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    The only thing I can say is to show her how much you care for and love her. It might be the only way to overcome her thoughts. Positive reinforcement can go a long way and when you show true affection to your loved ones...they know how you feel towards them and it may be just what she is needing.

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    Welostme: I know that's what she needs but it's her mind that won't let me do it....she's scared...because of what happened in the past of what I did.... Maybe it's just recovering time that's needed.

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    My wife isn't into diapers at all and thinks it's weird that I do but she supports me completely in my diaper wearing and regression as I'm also AB. It took her a while to get used to it, but now she calls me her little baby on occasions. The two of you can make this work. It's all about compromise and finding when it's workable to wear diapers and when not. It will be exploratory for the both of you. Some of it will involve conversation and some, simply wearing and see how it goes over.

    When a couple gets married, the vows are "For better and for worse." Everyone is imperfect and has their quirks. Some of those quirks will be difficult for their partner but most people learn to either ignore some things, change some things or compromise and find working solutions. If you love each other, you can work this out.

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