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Thread: Don't ya hate it when..

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    Default Don't ya hate it when..

    Don't ya hate it when you lie in bed wetting your nappy and you leak and end up lying in a wet cold puddle?

    I'm lying in bed with my laptop and it just happened to me

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    Here is my solution: Don't flood them, don't over fill them, and wear plastic pants. I wear plastic pants even with disposables.

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    Yes, mainly because this means having to get up from the bed instantly to avoid making a complete disaster.

    That's why, unless I'm going to bed with a fresh diaper, I'll likely put a disposable mattress protector under myself, just in case. As dcviper said, also plastic pants help a lot.

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    Butterfly Mage


    And a decent-quality diaper also helps. Depends is a joke.

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    The other night i went to bed kind of wet. i woke up in the middle of the night, wet, and went back to sleep. apparently the 2nd time i wet was little too much, because i woke up in a pretty wet bed......i am so glad i am not really incontinent. cleaning up before class was not fun at all.

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    Yeah, last Sunday I wore one to bed (I'm not incontinent at all) and when I woke up decided to completely go. I was laying on my stomach and it leaked up on the waist of my pajamas. D:

    I threw everything that got wet in the washer so mom wouldn't get suspicious. It sucked.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kiwi-molicare View Post
    Don't ya hate it when you lie in bed wetting your nappy and you leak and end up lying in a wet cold puddle?

    I'm lying in bed with my laptop and it just happened to me
    Yes, and that's why I'll sit up to wet my diaper, as opposed to laying down while wetting.

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    This makes me wonder how it works for babies and young kids when they're sleeping - if their diapers weren't reliable while lying down, what's the point? So why don't adult diapers work that well?

    Or is it just because we tend to flood our diapers more often?

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    1st of all babies and young kids have much smaller bladders than teens and adults. The possibility of leaking out of a diaper is greater due to the amount of fluid that comes out at one time.

    It comes with practice in how much will come out at once, and the ability for your bladder to stretch and hold it. Therefore the suggestion is - whenever you feel the need to pee, then do it, as often as possible. What that does is cause the bladder to shrink and you get into the habit of peeing much less.

    Another technique is pee until you don't feel the urge and see if you can stop the flow. That way it allows the pee to be soaked up better into the diaper.

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    Yea has happened to me...

    Lucky mine doesn't have a smell to it. I drink a lot of fluids.

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