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Thread: Looking for my first baby toy.

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    Default Looking for my first baby toy.

    I'm looking to get my first real baby toy sometime this weekend and am unsure of what to get to start out with, though these look rather fun.
    Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations?

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    Since I answered your other thread, I'd get the teddy bear first, but the other two are possibilities. There are some nice baby/toddler toys out there. I love toy gas stations and cars because I had one when I was little.

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    Hi little one

    I see you are a TB so I would get a stuffy first you can not have to many stuffys. And I see you are a sissy so a dolly. Give your self time in choosing your dolly as you may with to get her lots of accessories, then when you are have little time you can do dress up with her.

    The reast does depend on how old you are on the inside as for me i get toy the are 3+ so that they are not to joung for me and below 10+ so that they are not to old and I find I have to middle up to play with them.

    Then there is always Lego.

    Have fun and spent a lot of time choosing your toys.


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    Thankies for the advice. *smiles* I has 4 plushies at the moment, so I know want more until I get my own bedroom. As for other toys, I want small ones that can fit in a backpack, since I'm using one to hide all my AB stuff. I looking into toys that are for 1-2 year olds or younger.

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    On the topic of plushes, I feel I Should share this one.

    But I do kind of like this guy. I've had time at work to sample a few toys here and there.

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    That sounds fun that turtle thing! I want a ball popper, I got loads of those ball pit balls, I whole pack!

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