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Thread: Depends Flex Fit Woman's Underwear Style

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    Thumbs down Depends Flex Fit Woman's Underwear Style

    NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    This is a big no! I bought this product as my first diaper not only did the size small not fit me (140lbs so not too surprising) but it held like nothing!

    I wet it once then I looked down and the bed was quite wet. It only held about 50% of the small/medium wetting and the ones I tried are maximum absorbency....

    The ones I got were also so ugly!!! They were yellow, I think you can get white though. They were all cloth and like a ruffled style. I ended drawing on it to make me feel cuter.

    They are not thick, they don't fit me, they are not my taste, and didn't hold much. I believe this is because of the underwear style and am not against Depends in this forum at all.

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    i wear depends for women and reall dont expect them ro hold a lot but are good for leaks. When i cant wear my cloth diaper, i wear a depend one with tapes and the pull up but i add a poise pad to keep me dry, it works fine for me

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